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A way for your devices to work seamlessly together – Pushbullet

Now more than ever, we are expected to be connected all the time and we send and receive information using all kinds of platforms and devices. This fast-paced exchange of information can be difficult to keep track of especially if you’re working with multiple devices. But, hey, guess what, there’s an app that can help you with that. It’s called Pushbullet and it is arguably one of the best productivity apps of the year.

About Pushbullet

This free productivity app created by a small team of San Francisco-based coders allows you to easily share information from your mobile device to your computer and vice versa. Through push notifications, it enables you to have unprecedented, seamless access to the information you need.

Say you’re working on something on your computer and your phone’s in another room. Or you tend to get really immersed in your work and always end up missing calls and messages. With this app, you don’t have to tear yourself away from your screen to get your phone and check your messages or to monitor your calls. The app will automatically show notifications from your phone on your computer screen. As of now, this feature only works on Android devices, but if you’re using an Apple device, don’t fret! The team is currently working on it.

Pushbullet also lets you conveniently transfer information between your devices. Share pictures, links or files from your computer to your phone just by clicking on the notification. It removes the hassle of having to e-mail the information to yourself. You don’t have to go into your inbox or go digging in Dropbox. Need to transfer files and photos from your phone to your computer? You can push it straight from the Share menu.

If you’d like to receive the latest developments from the team or learn more about how you can maximize the apps features, you can head on over to their website.

32 thoughts on “A way for your devices to work seamlessly together – Pushbullet”

  1. This sounds like a truly amazing software! I’ll definitely give it a try! I often find myself having some trouble trying to transfer files from my PC to my mobile and vice verse, most of them being pictures! It’s great to know there is a software out there that can actually help make this process way easier ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll definitely check it out.

    • I do too! I am going to check this out, thanks for bringing it to our attention David. So many useful apps get lost nowadays with the sheer volume of apps being released.

    • Yes, I know this can be very useful. No more trying to have sync up my files dropbox. With this it will already be synced up and you can see notifications from other devices.

  2. I’ve had this for awhile and it has been an immense help. I’m usually minimalist in terms of the apps I use or leave running in the background potentially draining the battery or alike, but this one is well worth it and increasingly getting better in time. If I recall correctly, there are also addons for it as well which allow you to respond to WhatsApp and alike.

  3. I have always resorted to double-downloading documents from Dropbox onto both my phone and PC for work purposes. While this might not seem like much hassle, it can consume a lot of data and phone memory if the file is fairly large (pdf. with hundreds of pages and many high resolution images)

    Pushbullet looks much more convenient, like Google Docs on steroids, I will definitely be giving it a try!

    • I did the same thing, but as you said it is indeed very time consuming. If only I had more space in my Moto G! I’d surely give it a try, if in the future I’ve the chance to get a way better phone I surely will ๐Ÿ™‚ Pushbullet does really sound like a must have app!

      • Yes! If Pushbullet plays its cards right and offers an excellent free service like Dropbox, with added storage and perks for paying customers, I definitely see it becoming the next big thing.

  4. I’ve heard of Pushbullet before but I still need to get around to installing it. If my Moto G had a bit more RAM, then I’d install it, but having 1GB of RAM kinda puts me in a choke hold when it comes to background processes. I really can’t expect much from a $200 phone off contract, but just an extra .5GB and I’d have a lot of stuff installed.

    • Hi, I have a Motorola G and Pushbullet is working great on it! I haven’t noticed any slowdown at all since installing it, so I’m fairly certain that it does not take up that much RAM.

      Also, the Moto G really is a fantastic phone for the price that it is.

  5. I’m looking forward to the iOS version of this! I use a very bare-bones one that works on jailbroken only devices, and it only works half of the time, so I can’t wait for something more well-polished.

    • If you happen to use both a Mac and an Apple iPad/iPhone, if I’m not wrong there are ways you can do this using iCloud ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I just installed it and it works like a charm. There are versions for your desktop and browser. Sign in with your gmail account and you’re set. See a picture and want to send it to your phone? Rightclick and choose your device. Same with text: Just mark it, rightclick and choose your device.

    Really, really useful!

  7. I use similar features to this on my iphone/mac. It’s a great little tool. Sometimes I disable it though. I can get really distracted by messages and calls when I’m working.

    My roommate has an android phone though– I’m going to tell him about it. He would definitely be interested in trying it out.

  8. I have many devices and it is difficult to make them all work together effortlessly. It is about time that people begin to understand the complexity of all our needs. I have had many headaches over petty things that required me to use extensive googling just to to be able to transfer things on my devices.

  9. This is the first I’ve even heard about Pushbullet and from what I have read, it seems like a rather convenient, productive app to have at hand. I mean I use Dropbox to move files and information back and forth between my phone and my computer, but it looks like Pushbullet takes matters a step further by showing your messages and monitoring your calls from your phone that might be some distance away. Not much different but still neat.

  10. This sounds like an interesting software. I might have to try this out eventually to see how it works.

  11. I love apps like this. It’s amazing where we’re at with our tech now. Not even when it comes to sharing with other people but sharing with ourselves between all of our devices. The fact that Pushbullet is free has me leaning towards downloading and trying it out. Thanks for the great article!

  12. It is awesome that someone created a program like this. I actually just tried it and it was having issues signing in. I will try again later.

  13. The effect of this website and its app will likely be unusual and complex. To the way we work, I mean. The focus here is to not immediately get distracted by what should not distract you, and we expect that we get used to the fast-paced environment without compromising our safety. Hey, that’s what I have always looked for in a working environment.

  14. This app should really be useful in keeping my pc and phone in sync. Usually I have to connect my usb cord or use Dropbox. But with pushbullet I should be able to have all of my devices synced up so I don’t have to worry about something not being there when I need it. This will also allow me to use more of my computer’s hard drive and less of my Dropbox space. I’ll be sure to give this app a try.

  15. This seems like a really neat idea. And much needed as well. I have a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, and tablet, and it would be great to have them a little more connected. I hate having to juggle all the devices at once just to make sure I don’t miss a notification on one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on my computer working hard on something, and m entire focus is broken when I realize I left my phone in the other room and I need to check it or get something off it. This would make life a lot easier for me. I’m going to have to check it out.

  16. I started using Pushbullet about a week ago and I have to say that I have loved it. All of my notifications are instantly synced to my computer so I can view them as soon as I receive them. Also, I can respond to text messages from my computer which is an awesome feature!

  17. I am really glad to be following this blog for this very reason, this info is so useful because it’s just a brilliant solution for those of us who are many working on-line. I’ll just have to hold my horses for now as I’m currently using a Mac, but is on my wish list.

  18. I can definitely see the appeal in this, however I wouldn’t be too comfortable with linking all my devices together, even if it were for convenience’s sake. To me it would be like making it that much easier for a hacker to access any and all of your information. If your devices are all linked to each other then it should be virtually easier to gain access to any file you have on any of your devices by hacking into just one of them. So yes, I’m a little wary of the whole idea, but I still think that it’s brilliant.

    • If they could offer this as a self-hosted solution, I would be totally all about it. That being said, I just read their Security page and it notes that they do store all data on their private servers. It doesn’t mention how long it is retained, or if it’s ever deleted, or what they do with the data. That raises some flags, but otherwise I find the entire concept extremely useful. Like I said though, a roll-your-own solution would be perfect in my books.

  19. Ok, this seriously is the coolest thing!!! The best feature is being able to see the calls coming into your phone. It’s always so annoying when I forget my phone in another room and then miss a call. It’s especially annoying when I think the phone is right next to me so that I won’t miss an important call. And then a few minutes later realize I forget it somewhere or accidentally buried it under my sofa cushions.

  20. That sounds pretty cool but I’m guessing it won’t be as useful to you if you’re really not that busy. It can also open up to some security breach in terms of your network, I mean somebody could intercept your calls and messages or whatever.

  21. Nice. This looks like something that I could use immediately. Instead of having to connect my laptop with my smartphone with an USB cable I could now use this app for that. This sounds like something that will save a lot of people a lot of time and effort. Definitely a must have for me.

  22. I plan on getting a phone pretty soon, and I can’t wait to try this one out. Apps like this are always cool to have around, and it’s good to see that there’s always a new team redefining these kinds of things. I ought to bookmark this…

  23. One thing that worries me about the service… Their Security page mentions that all pushes are stored on their servers. Yes, it’s encrypted and likely fairly secure, however it doesn’t mention what they do with that data. It’s more than likely they perform analytics on it, since as a free service, they’ll want to wet their beak at some point.

    Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with this, just be aware that any information that you put through their service may be used and/or analyzed.

  24. I found pushbullet to be an amazing app in concept. In execution though, it felt lacking and buggy, especially in the early versions. Still, if you have the patience to troubleshoot the connectivity of your devices for a couple of minutes at a time, I guess you could give pushbullet a try. One thing about it is that it’s the only app of its kind; the only one that works well enough anyway.

  25. This is a really cool idea that I need to try out. Even though my phone is usually always with me, there have been times when I leave it in another room and don’t feel like getting up. I get a lot of the functionality with AirDroid though, so it might be a while before I stop using that.

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