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The latest iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2

In typical fashion, Apple just released something a bit disappointing and something exciting at the same time: the iPad Mini 3 and the iPad Air 2 respectively.

If we compare the iPad Mini 2 to the newly announced iPad Mini 3, they have the same screen, the same camera, and the same specs. They didn’t even give it the new A8 processor as found in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad Air 2.  It comes in the same 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB options. They did add a Gold option and the fingerprint Touch ID if you feel that is worth upgrading.

The exciting news was the iPad Air 2 with a list of new features. This latest iPad is the thinnest yet at only 6.1mm and also comes with the Gold option and fingerprint Touch ID. It also sports an 8 MP rear camera supporting burst mode, slo-mo, panorama, and timer. It has a new A8X processor chip! This is definitely a highlight. It will be 40% faster on most apps and has 2.5x faster graphics. It will really shine when playing games.

As an interesting side note, if we compare this sleek new iPad Air 2 to the very first iPad (not Air 1), it is 12X faster and the graphics are 180x faster!

In the constant Android vs iOS battle in smartphones and tablets, unfortunately the least expensive iPad still doesn’t compete in pricing with what you can get from the Android camp such as the Amazon Fire HD or Tesco Hudl 2.

20 thoughts on “The latest iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2”

  1. I’m surprised the iPad’s aren’t bigger! Wasn’t that the focus of Apple with the iPhone 6? 😛

    On a serious note though, there’s plenty of improvements under the hood. 2.5x processor speed is nothing to scoff at, I believe that this finally puts one of Apple’s tablets at the technological forefront.

    • LOL I’m thinking if smartphones of today gets a lot bigger than what they’re already into, tablets would become obsolete in a way. The iPhone 6 Plus itself is almost as big as a small tablet, it’s like the devices are not shifting, the phones become the tablets and the tablets are bound to be the new laptops.

      • I’m staring to see that problem too. I remember back when I had my old Lumia 900 (Nokia), I would barely be able to fit the thing in my pocket, even if it was as strong as brick. If we keep going all phones will be tablets haha.

  2. I wish that the iPad had a front facing camera only. It’s really annoying to see people tote around an iPad as a camera, and use it to record concerts, sports, and all of that. It’s annoying, and now that they upgraded the camera, it’s going to be even worse. It’s already bad when it comes to phones at such events. I also think that the fingerprint sensor isn’t really needed for the iPads. You’re not going to be making any mobile payments with it, and you’re going to mostly be using it at home. It’s not something that can be stolen easily either.

  3. I still prefer Android, there are some really good things in the Android market that cost much less than whatever Apple can offer. I just can’t understand why some people are so obsessed with iPhones and the other apple products, they’re so expensive. I still prefer Android, it’s sad there are many apps that are not available to us Android users tho.

    • In my opinion the only real benefit of Apple phones lies in its iOS, since it is solely engineered for its own phones. Android OS has to cater to a variety of smartphone makers leading to more frequent bugs or inefficient coding. That said I agree with you as it nevertheless does not justify the premium demanded by Apple products.

  4. I was disappointed with the mini too. I am due for an upgrade but I’m going to wait until they release the next one. The air looks really cool though. I will definitely be considering it when I upgrade my laptop in the next couple of months. Mine is several years old and has a lot of issues. I can’t wait to get a new one.

  5. Well… this is a whole lot better than I expected. The upgrades inside are worth mentioning and the size will surely fit someones need. I preferably enjoy sizes that the ipad mini offer. Having a gold option is quite nice.

  6. Even though I’m more of an Android go-getter, it seems as if Apple came through with a quality product here. The iPad Air 2 sounds like a solid item. The fact that it runs so much faster than its predecessor and its graphics and immensely improved are a sure win. As for the iPad Mini 3, that does sound like a disappointment, with barely any changes from its previous version. I mean come on Apple. You guys pride yourselves on innovation, right?

  7. I am surprised that the new iPads do not have new features. Normally when Apple releases something new, it has some new features. I thought that the screen would be bigger because of the iPhone 6 and 6+.

  8. This kind of sucks. I miss my ipad Mini and can’t wait to get a new one. Hopefully they do some great updating before I spend money on something not worth it.

  9. The iPad Mini already has a third version and I am here, still satisfied on the first one. 🙂

    As you have mentioned, I believe it is really not worth upgrading to the Mini 3 from Mini 2 with respect to the Specs, although it would be nice coming from someone using the first version. I really hope that Apple would release much more exciting features, because really, they have been failing to surprise me with their latest releases and it is really disappointing since I already got a bit into liking their devices.

  10. It seems like Apple is rushing this one. I feel like that with a lot of their products. I mean, nothing they put out is ever going to be dissatisfying to their loyal fans, but I don’t see why anyone would upgrade from the one they already have since the only drastic change is the new number in the device’s name.

  11. In my opinion, Apple needs to step their game up if they ever hope to be better than Android. These days the only people who use Apple products over Android are diehard Apple fans, and for no reason other than it’s what is comfortable for them. I feel like all of their releases are just copies of things that Android has already done…and it’s really disappointing. I want them to be original for once, just to see if they have it in them.

  12. Apple acts like this years device is so much better than last years. Its not even a big improvement, just little things. While android devices get huge improvements every year and cost the same or less than the of the price iPad. Samsung just released a 12 inch quad HD tablet. How many years will it take for apple to catch up to that.

  13. What took me by surprise is that Apple is now selling 56 different variations of their iPads: iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2. Each with different WiFi model and cellular model, and priced differently for each variation. I’m thinking artists are getting huge orders for customization of the iPad cases.

  14. It’s not about pricing – Apple tried competing in the lower tier market and they just couldn’t. If you want a cheap Apple device then you’d just get an older one. My only problem with the new devices is why is there this crazy need to make them so thin? It just makes them weaker!

  15. I really haven’t gotten much into this ipad fad. I got one when they first appeared on the scene. I’m curious like that. But since then, I’d rather pool my money together and invest it in high-quality phones, laptops and corresponding softwares. This Christmas, I intend to finally get the tablet-laptop. I’m really excited!

  16. Apple keeps coming out with new product almost every few months or so. But it seems as if much of it it recycled hardware with very similar features. Many of the products they keep putting out have minor updates with some new technical adjustments here and there.

  17. I’ve got to admit, the iPad air 2 is pretty sleek. It’s not only pretty but has decent specs and has faired well in performance ratings as well. But as with all things Apple, it’s a little bit on the pricey side and I might have to wait a few more months before I can buy one.

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