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7 thoughts on “How to access documents in your smartphone without a data connection”

  1. I honestly prefer Google Drive over Dropbox because not only do you get more storage, but if you opt to pay for more, you get a fantastic price on it. Not just that, but you can also store documents offline, like Dropbox. Google Drive also allows you to create documents offline, using Google Docs, so if you need to make something really quickly, but you only have access to a phone or tablet, you can do it pretty easily, and also include formatting and pictures, some things you couldn’t do in your standard notes app.

  2. Okay, this is a pretty cool feature. I use Google drive myself and I’m not sure if I can do this with my phone. I can see how this can be really useful to me. Is there a limit though to how many documents you can access with the favorites button, cause if you can do that, why not favorite all you documents right?

  3. Oh wow, I genuinely didn’t know it worked that way. Usually I just download it manually, but honestly I tend to lose it from time to time — or forget to delete it to save space. All this just reminds me of why Dropbox is so great, haha.

  4. That’s a proven great idea. A lot of people are already doing that. Just in case you would be needing all those files when you need them, right? I think it’s not only useful for when traveling, it’s a good container for personal data that often are asked for when filling in forms online.

  5. If by “without a data connection” you mean with mobile data, then WiFi should suffice, you could even set up Network Attached Storage to your LAN, and after port forwarding, access those files from anywhere. Speaking of offline, I really like that Google allows Drive, Docs, etc offline, it’s saved me tons of time.

  6. I love Dropbox, pesonally. I use it for web development and backups.

    I’ve also found great use for it as a musician, being able to listen to my own snippets in mp3 format or having a shared folder with a co-musician and being able to listen to his/her stuff as well, ANYWHERE I am. It’s pretty awesome. And free.

    Great video. 🙂

  7. I prefer to use Google Drive over Dropbox because I have an Android, and it automatically syncs everything I need to Google Drive. I’ve had good experiences with Dropbox in the past though, especially when I had a laptop and was taking it everywhere.

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