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10 thoughts on “How to automatically Tweet using RSS”

  1. Awesome, I didn’t know this. I bet this is what you use. Anyways, I’m not famous or anything to be using this, but it will surely be useful for people with a big amount of followers, thanks for sharing!

  2. You know, this is actually quite helpful for my wife who is into fashion blogging. As you can imagine, it’s quite the saturated market, but it also has a lot of followers as well. She watched the video with me and said she’ll give it a try — thanks so much David.

  3. Thank you for this video! My Mom is an active blogger and has been searching for something just like this so I am very excited to show her this video! I am sure she will have great interest. It is also very interesting to me too personally, I love to be up to date on all the most recent stuff so there is really no better way to do it then this! Thanks!

  4. I have been learning how to use the decks and free services from Buffer, Tweetdeck and the likes because that is what most digital marketers do. They lead a double life, sort of, where they are online but not really online because they have to go places, do presentations and meet clients. I have not cracked the problem of getting 10,000 or more followers, but I think RSS could help in managing the work.

  5. Very interesting and informative! Thanks for the information; I’ll be sure to look at this. I had no idea this is how major news companies did this. I wondered how that was done, and now I know! 🙂
    I think I will go ahead and set this up on my Twitter account to have some more activity. This is awesome.

  6. This actually seems super useful, pretty sure it would be helpful for those with large followers or a blog or something, not sure if I would really need to besides the traditional way.

  7. This is a very useful tool for people who are just getting into the business. I listened to the video and said, hmmm. So I went to my twitter and linked it. I’ve already had something connected. I hope traffic will increase and attract consumers. This seems to be a great little tool. I’m new to blogging and social media type things, but need to learn quickly. I think this will help me. Thanks again, great tool.

  8. Never thought you could do anything like that… Looks like RSS has a whole new use.

  9. wowie! Tweeter and RSS. What a brilliant combination!

    For many users both technologies are crucial in everyday life. I bet this combination will put a smile in more than one user’s face. Thank You!

  10. At work we’re always looking for way to cut down doubling up on data entry and work.
    This is a perfect solution for how we push out information to those who have requested we start ‘Tweeting’ (our communications person is a bit behind the times and reluctant to try new services).

    Thank you for highlighting this

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