Here is a brief summary of the many highlights and trends blending in from 2013 and moving into 2015. Smartphones, Tablets and now many phablets. Apple jumped in with the iPhone 6 Plus and the skinniest ever iPad Air 2. The Internet of Things is really taking off with regular household items such as connected toothbrushes, tennis rackets and basketballs. They are continuing to embed technology in everyday objects. Televisions keep making strides to be bigger, better, and more immersive with 4K TVs (Ultra HD) and many curved screens. Wearables with Google Glass and integrating into personal clothing such as socks and baby clothes, even a wearable drone. Speaking of drones, they are getting very popular with professional photographers and videographers, not to mention just as fun toys. With vehicles we have improvements towards self-driving, driverless parking, and even cars with 4G Internet connections. 3D Printing is taking huge strides to print  every days objects, tools, parts, and even different foods. Affordable 3D printers in every household is becoming more of a reality. We also have constant improvements in intuitive computing with moving away from the traditional keyboard and mouse. Better recognition in voice, gestures, and even eye movements. Looking into 2015 there will be continued advancements in virtual reality, streaming video, and wearables. The Oculus Rift already creates stunning VR experiences with their video and head motion tracking.

  1. I really hope that 4K tv’s will get cheaper in the new year. I would really love to buy one but am not willing to drop $700 just for a single TV. Drones are exciting too, seeing things from the air is interesting and a lot more fun than just viewing it from the ground. I’m quite indifferent about wearables – I mean they’re just useless for me, but I can see why others would want such items. 3D printing is definitely fun, and I’m thinking of buying a printer for myself in the new year.

  2. There have been some really exciting advances in technology this year, particularly the availability of 3D printers. The Internet of Things is really gaining popularity too. I am hoping to see the price of wearables drop in 2015 as I would love to try something out, perhaps a smartwatch.

  3. The 3D printing thing is for me the most exciting. It looks like so many possibilities have opened up with this, reaching as far as going in the medical field and all. The Google Glasses have really lost steam and interest… I had heard nothing about baby clothes and wearable drone though. That sounds… weird. And interesting.

    I think it’s mostly fascinating how every year we come closer to realizing the gadgets shown in science-fiction. We will have to imagine something completely crazy now for the next century to realize too!

  4. This will be an interesting year ahead as these concept technologies continue the process of maturing into mass produced consumer products. The Oculus Rift has a target release date of 2015 and I can’t wait to get my hands on their final product.

    I’d rather see more 4k VR setups than televisions. VR is such a revolutionary step in entertainment and some of the recent technologies in the TV market aren’t nearly as interesting. I’ve also seen a few demos of some interesting 3D printers, and I’ll be excited if any are released this year.

  5. I am excited by the leaps forward in TV tech. But I am skeptical if I am getting the benefit seeing as I wear glasses and my eyesight isn’t 100% ha.

    I will watch the 3D printing for a few years and see where it goes, but I am still not completely sold on that.

    • Its going to be awhile before 4K takes off still. No one is broadcasting it so theres less reason for people to purchase the TVs which means less reason for the developers to prioritize the development. I think you’re going to see 4K computer screens become more mainstream before you see mainstream 4K TVs.

  6. So many exciting technological developments have been made this year and much more will be made now starting from 2015. I’ll start investing more into the new technology that is about to unfold just as I am doing right now. One thing that has really caught me is the VR technology that allows us to dive straight into virtual reality environments. I am looking to purchase the Oculus Rift that is soon about to launch it’s consumer made edition.

    Can’t wait to see what interesting things people will develop next!

  7. I’m really looking forward to 3D printers being commercialized and available at a decent retail price. But the great thing about technology is that I know there will be concepts brought to the market this year that I had no idea about but boffins have been developing for years. Very exciting times.

    • I am really looking forward to this as well. Right now they are still much too expensive for me. I see all the cool things that people online are making with the printers they have access to and it makes me extremely jealous.

  8. The coolest thing that flourished this year in my opinion is the VR headset Oculus Rift. I really hope they finish the product and get it out for a moderately cheap price so I can pick one up eventually. 😀
    The idea of virtual reality is really cool and something the human race have been interested in for a long time. So it’s really cool what the Oculus Rift guys are doing. 🙂

    Hopefully they’ll ship to Sweden!

  9. I’m quite surprised to see intuitive computing there. I’ve not heard of intuitive computing, so I better read more about it. The other terms that are the highlights and trends appear to be somewhat expected from the current technology.

  10. 2014 had been filled with lots of exciting technology advancement especially in the hand held technology.

    I am specifically excited about the potential for the virtual reality demo released by Google which was the cardboard, since it provides a lower cost option for the virtual reality experience. I am also thrilled with the advancement of 3d printing nowadays. Especially since they started lowering the prices thus became more available and affordable for the population.

    My least favorite would be the TV’s. Although, surely it would be a different experience watching with a high def TV compared to the LCD ones that are more affordable, I am still not convinve that target is the greater masses.

    I hope you’ll feature more articles regarding the wearable tech this year. 🙂

  11. I really hope to see Virtual Reality take a leap forwards again in 2015. There was a lot of advance in 2014 and its become more affordable then ever with the Oculus Rift. I think that if you want to see it really take off though you are going to need to get big name game publishers to develop for the platform.

    Sony is working on their own headset for the Playstation 4, but I doubt much will come of that.

  12. 3D Printers are such an amazing invention. They can make so much cool stuff.

    Also I love the oculus rift, it’s awesome to see how far virtual reality has come!

  13. 2015 will truly be a new age for technology. With all of these things emerging in 2014, they have so much time to improve in 2015. It is hard to believe that Google is finally putting their self driving car prototypes on the road so that they can be pushed mainstream soon. Innovations like these are so very interesting, and I am very excited to see the exponential growth of technology and what it has in store for us in the future.

  14. I have a smart watch. It’s pretty cool, and I use it as a secondary screen for my GPS. 3D printing is also amazing. Back in the 1980s, people were paying hundreds of dollars for a low quality 2D dot matrix printer. Times have really changed.

  15. 3-D printing had to be the technology highlight of 2014, in my opinion. I wonder how ling it’ll take for this 3-D printers to be available, and affordable, to the public. I would love to see more discoveries in astronomy and whatnot, since space and everything in it is amazing and never-ending, the possibilities are endless.
    I also would like to see another phone take over the iPhone. iPhones are great, but they are losing their touch..

  16. Two things I loved this year were “the Internet of things”, with the variety of house automation emerging, and “intuitive computing” with its recognition of eye movement. Since long I’ve been waiting for visual recognition devices by which to operate the computer just by looking at it.

    The method of writing may well be the recognition of finger movement in the air typing on a virtual keyboard, or on-screen keyboards operated by eye or hand. We live in exciting times in computing.

  17. I’m really excited for VR technology. The preliminary stuff they’ve done with Oculus Rift is just mind-boggling to me. I can’t wait to play games with it. I might wait for the price to get lower though before I decide to buy. It’s supposed to be pretty lightweight for such a cumbersome looking thing. I hope it doesn’t give you neck problems.

  18. My fiancee got a drone this Christmas 😉 No doubt drones are becoming really popular! To be honest I wasn’t that amazed with the done he got for Christmas from his sister’s husband, but he totally loved it! He couldn’t stop playing around, he looked like a little boy with a new toy. It was hilarious! I wonder what this year will bring?

  19. My favorite innovations of 2014 were definitely the drones and 3d printing starting to become more available to the average person. I really hope those 4K TVs come down in price a little, because having those in the hands of the average person would make watching TV, movies, and playing video games a lot more enjoyable.

  20. 2014 was an amazing year for technology! There were so many things that got mainstream like drones and 3d printers. The internet advanced a lot that year and I’m super happy about it.
    Thanks for the article! It will be great to see how much technology improved in 2015 and compare it with 2014.

  21. Not a lot has changed in a year.
    The same things are still at the front and plowing onwards.

    Only additional thing would be cloud computing (but that’s a little slowed now with the Safe Harbour issues between the EU and US)

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