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Maximize your Roku video streaming box or stick

Got a Roku box or streaming stick? We can all probably agree that it’s one of the most convenient streaming devices out there, but are you really making the most out of it? Here are a few tips and channel recommendations to help you get the best out of your Roku experience.

Enjoy special deals. A great way to check out channels is to take advantage of special deals that allow you to enjoy the whole experience within a limited timeframe for free. That way, you’ll get to cancel the services of an unwanted channel before the trial period expires. Hulu Plus offers a special deal of free use for the first three months, while you can enjoy Rdio within 60 days, free of charge.

Are you a serious TV series marathoner? Do you love movies? Consider adding channels such as Showtime Anytime, FXNOW, and HBO GO to your roster of channels. Most of these cable channels require subscription fees and cable provider requirements, but, hey, at least you get a seemingly endless archive of shows and movies within the reach of your fingertips!

Stream your own files from a thumb drive, a mobile device, or a laptop to watch movies or view photos on your television’s nice, big screen. Roku Media Player is one channel that can help you stream local files, and it’s free! You can also use Plex, which you can use to organize media files from the computer and is accessible through your Roku box.

Most people can’t live without music, and there are several music channels available on Roku. Spotify, Vevo, Slacker, Pandora, Amazon Music, and Rdio are great music channels where you can listen to your favourite artists. You can also discover new bands that suit your preference. For sports enthusiasts, stay up-to-date on the latest news from the world of sports by subscribing to channels such as NBA League Pass, NHL Gamecenter Live, and MLB.TV.

13 thoughts on “Maximize your Roku video streaming box or stick”

  1. I’m currently in the middle of a three month trial period myself and it’s great! It’s a really good way to find out exactly what you want from your box and how you would actually use it. I’m also really enjoying the music channels too.

  2. The versatility that Roku gives you to streaming media is really great. I have been interesting in purchasing one, but as I live outside the US I’m not sure how compatible it will be? Do you have anymore information or does anyone have any experience with using Roku outside US and what it has to offer?

  3. I have both Roku devices and a NetGreat device. By far, Roku is much better than the NetGear. The Roku has hundreds and hundreds of channels to choose from. It actually is overwhelming. The NetGear I have doesn’t have nearly the channel selection. In fact, I keep the device in a spare bedroom and basically use it for when I want a change of pace of where I sit in my home. I’ll go into the spare bedroom and bring up my Netflix account. I guess NetGear just doesn’t want to compete against Roku.

  4. Roku is essential if you own Amazon Prime. I don’t so I rarely find a use for it since I have a computer with Internet and a TV channel subscription. I’ll occasionally use Roku to stream pictures from my phone but otherwise, I already know how to easily stream my computer to my TV for movies and music. I’m sure it’s very useful for people that don’t have that ability, especially with the pandora channels and plex server capability.

    • I am a Amazon Prime member and I hate it that I am limited on what I can use to watch it on.

  5. I absolutely love ROKU. Actually I love the service. I am not to fond of the interface. I am impressed with the quantity of offerings it has. Even though I have had my ROKU for over a year now, I am just now really using it more fully. I would like it if they developed a web based or even desktop based program.

  6. I absolutely love the fact that ROKU sticks are getting their due exposure because they really are more convenient than your traditional cable box. The most fun part about it is that you can easily transfer it anywhere you want to watch. As far a streaming devices go this one takes the cake for it’s ease of use and multiple functionality. I don’t anything out in the market can even closely compare.

  7. We just got a Roku last week when our very elderly Wii finally kicked the bucket, and I am so glad I found this article because I definitely was not using it to its full potential, and may not have ever. I had no idea that Spotify was available on Roku, and it is by far my favorite way to stream music. Also your suggestions for streaming files from my computer – I had no clue you could do that, and I plan on giving it a try.

  8. Uhm, Roku does sound like a great thing. I have friend who has it, but to be honest I have never asked him about it. He did tell me a few things about it, but I wasn’t really paying attention, hehehe! I had no idea it could be so useful, I like the idea of being able to easily stream my own files! I’d be so happy if I could do that… if it could work with Popcorn time then I’d feel super happy! I think I’d cut my ties with the cable company.

    • I know right? there’s a lot of video streaming apps on mobile devices and web sites on a PC that is an actual shame that you cannot watch them in the comfort of your bedroom, I’m looking forward to see if I can stream Viki or Drama fever there, that would be an actual dream come true, let’s pray! And not just that, it would be the chance to stream all the files, that sounds just amazing for me.

  9. Roku is a good product that gives you good entertainment options. I don’t like that most of it’s feature require you to pay a subscription. Most everything that you watch has to be paid for and the free stuff is boring. Good product but kind of a scam to me.

  10. Thanks for the tips! I have bought a Roku streaming stick recently and I’m currently on my free trial. It seems like a very solid streaming box and I think that I’m going to use it a lot more.
    I have been trying to look for special deals but so far I haven’t caught a single one, though I’m sure there’ll be more in the future.

  11. I haven’t heard about Roku before, the last time that I heard about it was actually on this forum a few days ago but it actually sounds great. I love the idea of hiring your preferred cable channels, because sometimes when you hire a cable package they put channels there that we don’t really watch. I also love the idea of having Spotify on it, seems like a good choice when you’re getting ready to go out and you don’t want to hear just the tv sound, lol. I’ll do my proper research on it and pray that it’s available in my country.

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