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Apple Watch comes out in April

Tim Cook has announced that the Apple Watch will finally be available this April, 7 months after its unveiling in September last year, and that it will require the recently implemented iOS 8 to run.

What we already know
Without going into much price detail, Cook told audiences that the Apple Watch will start at $349 and we already know that it’ll come in 3 different styles: Regular, Sport, and Edition. Notably, the Edition model is rumored to compete in the luxury watch market, supposedly due to the gold and sapphire detailing that comes with it. It will most likely be priced as a luxury watch, or somewhere close.

Initial impressions
Reviews of the Apple Watch are hugely varied and divided. Some downsides highlighted from last year were about its basic features. The watch’s battery can only last a day, the entire body is “chunky,” the navigation takes quite a bit of getting used to, and it does not have GPS. Android smartwatches, in contrast, are coming out with GPS.

For others, the Apple Watch’s square yet slightly rotund body has appeal, and people actually appreciate the clean rounded bezels, which goes back to the old iPod Nanos. It seems that the Apple Watch is being marketed not only for early adopters, but also for the fashion crowd.

Apple Pay

Apple watch will have Apple Pay, which is not very surprising. Apple Pay is being implemented across all Apple devices, and is being pushed as the main way to digitally pay – and it must be said that it has been doing rather well since its release. It’ll be interesting to see whether this new payment platform on a wearable device will eat further into PayPal’s huge user base.

Watch out
Sorry for the pun, but it is quite fitting considering the current state of the Apple Watch’s target market. In spite of the varied opinions about its success or failure, people are in wait-and-see mode. This is likely because of its competitors’ early smartwatch releases as well as the fact that many aren’t comfortable paying a premium price for what is still just a tech accessory.

33 thoughts on “Apple Watch comes out in April”

  1. I’ve already read some of the reviews and honestly it just isn’t something I’d ever buy. The price is just insane, it’s incompatible with anything older than iPhone 5, like you’ve mentioned the battery life is really poor and it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It’s a novelty device that would probably go completely unnoticed if it didn’t bear the company name.

  2. I just can’t imagine spending that kind of money on a watch. Sure, it’s very cool – and all that, but the battery only lasts for a day and no GPS? What, exactly, are you supposed to do with it?

    My ideal watch would be one that I could use on my runs to track my mileage, read my BPM, and play my music, and of course tell me the time. I’m having a hard time coming up with other things to do with my watch. I certainly wouldn’t want to text or check emails with it.

  3. I am flabbergasted to be honest. I would never in my whole life, think about spending that much money on a “smart” watch. In what profession would you need to have such a small, expensive device? None off of the top of my head.

  4. I’m not so sure about this one. I think it could go the same way as Google Glass! I’m wondering why they’ve called it the “Apple Watch” though – I would have expected it to be an iWatch, surely!

  5. I really wouldn’t want to purchase an item like this. The battery life is poor, and it isn’t really that practical for people who already have handheld Apple products. Like really, over 300 bucks for this? Ridiculous price. Not only that, but it isn’t really a groundbreaking item with no WOW factors or features.

  6. Jesus that’s extremely steep pricing, but then again Apple’s been overcharging since the beginning of time, so that’s no surprise. If Apple pay’s quality is anywhere near Apple maps’ then ios users are sure in for a treat.

    • I know right? They always make everything so expensive, so expensive that the ”basic” version of their smart watch has the same price as a luxury watch over here. I don’t want to imagine what the luxury version of this watch will cost. I’m not sure I’ll ever be buying an Apple product! They seem so greedy.

  7. Im looking forward to see what Apple can deliver here, and a luxury smart watch sounds like a nice item to own. I’m still with the crowd though, I’m going to wait and see whether they can deliver a better product than their competitors. Although I own an IPhone, I’m not a die hard Apple fan, and I think they’ve lost some ground to their competitors lately. Apple can’t keep relying on their disciples to carry them. Their products have to continue to break ground, something we haven’t seen so much since Steve was lost.

    • It’s not so much that they’re greedy per se (obviously they ARE, if the number of lawsuits they file every year is any indication) but it’s more that they use discriminatory pricing, so customers feel like they’re always getting the best product

      • Interesting idea! I can definitely see how this works – Apple’s overinflated prices give the consumer the impression that they are far superior products so they are happy to fork out for them. I expect this perpetuates brand loyalty too.

  8. Alright, that second picture is getting me a little curious about the apple watch. I do use watches myself because I like the aesthetic. I mostly prefer watches with round, wide faces with a thin body and a leather strap. I know the apple watch is not just a watch, but it’s basically replacing the placement of my watch so I think aesthetically the comparison still counts. The article says it’s a little chunky but that second picture looks thin enough to me.

  9. I’m intrigued but not enough to be an early adopter. Also, I’m not part of the Apple ecosystem these days so the inter-connectivity element is less relevant for me. And the price tag is also something that I’m not a fan of.

  10. Uhm, it sounds like this watch (the basic version) is going to be kinda expensive, but coming from Apple I’m not surprised. I don’t want to imagine what the luxury version will cost, probably an arm and a leg, hehehe!

    I’m glad I’m not into smart watches, but if I ever wanted to give something really nice to my husband… I’d pick a smart watch! A nice smart watch would be the perfect anniversary gift for any guys who is into smart phones, maybe he’d like a smart watch too.

  11. I have been interested with smart watches lately, or wearable tech per se, but I guess the undoubtly high pricing of this watch would be a huge turn off.

    I am really hoping that this device would give something new to the users and would be worth the money at all and not just for the hype. Because if the pricing is the same with the luxury watches, I am would rather buy them than this one.

  12. It seems much like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which was a flop. To be honest the size of a watch screen is just to small and unwieldy to warrant any sophisticated function. With how light, portable and useful smartphones are becoming I see smart watches as nothing more than a redundant complement. I certainly won’t be buying one anytime soon!

  13. I read once somewhere the idea that the iPhone was a poor name choice, since it is so much more than a phone. I feel like this Apple Watch is not really a watch. The iPhone is a pocket computer, and now the Apple Watch is a wrist computer. As a watch wearer myself, I won’t ever give up my wrist space for something that needs charging every night. I’m just not their customer. But what about all the people who don’t wear watches anymore? It’s interesting to see what will happen.

  14. I actually really enjoy Apple for the most part despite their bandwagon of haters. The integration of their devices is something that I like a lot. I was gifted an iPad and it actually drove me to to buy an iPhone after I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do. Now when it comes to a watch, I don’t wear them! And I don’t think that this would make me start. Not at that price. I think most people will continue to use their phone screen as the new watch, and plus, that has apps too! Like you stated in the article, it’s totally just an accessory at this point.

  15. I think a lot of this new technology is crap. Talking watches with a radio built in are all these things are. Products like this is the reason why we as a people are so disconnected and don’t know how to interact anymore in person. This will end up as a bust and Apple will lose a lot of money. Sometimes the simple things are the best.

  16. I really like Apple trying to innovate and bring new products. I do think that this may be a little too gimmicky though. Are wearable’s ever going to be really respected technology with wide use? I find it hard to imagine.

  17. This is expensive and has a pitiful battery life, just what sort of people is this marketed at? I for the life of me, can’t find a terribly good use for this, a use which my phone doesn’t already cover itself. And design/style wise, I don’t really see the appeal or the uniqueness either.

  18. The thought of a luxury smart watch just makes me laugh. I will be honest when I say I’m not a smartphone fan, but a gold and sapphire encrusted apple watch just seems silly and comparable to a rhinestone encrusted phone case from Taiwan. I can see what they are trying to achieve, but lets leave well enough alone. I will be curious to see the pricing of the Luxury version but an apple smart watch will never be a Rolex.

  19. I’m not a fan of smart watches. They look easy to lose and like they would crack easily. That and they’re too expensive. Most people already have a phone with a clock on it, so I don’t see why they’d also get a 300 dollar watch.

  20. I really don’t think smartwatches are going to be anything more than a shortlived trend. It’s a smartphone with a tiny screen that’s inconveniently placed on my wrist. I would rather use my phone. Sure, maybe you can have fun watch backgrounds or flip through tiny photos, but it’s all rather gimmicky and not useful. I still have lots of doubts about the smartwatch market really taking off.

  21. I don’t think this is worth it. It’s way too expensive, and it has such limited compatibility! It doesn’t even have GPS! i’m sorry Apple, but this is way too expensive for us to just fork over.

  22. The watch came out just today. I can’t imagine any female clamoring to buy it. They’re just not pretty and feminine enough. Some guys might want to have it, but I wonder if it’s such a smart idea to leave out half the human race when creating a product to sell. Even with a pink band, the watch is just too clunky looking for any female to considering wearing it no matter how cool the features of the watch are.

  23. Well in my opinion, smart-watches aren’t the best option to spend 349$. Good that there will 3 different styles: Regular, Sport, and Edition so you can choose which one fits best for you. But as mentioned in the article, I think we should wait and see if it’s worth buying.

  24. I just saw on the news that the new Apple watches start at $300.00. on up to $17,000. Who in there right mind would pay $17,000 for a piece of equipment, that will probably tear up in in about a year. People must know that electronics roll off the conveyer belts like clock work and there is no personal contact in these devices; meaning they’ll only last so long before issues start, just like all electronics these days.

  25. Apple has put another expensive price on their latest product again. A whopping $349! Every other smart watches that has been released for android fit around the range of $100-$300 and they do either the same functions or more of the Apple watch. It might be a better option for those who want to save money to get a used one since most used Apple products I’ve seen from experience is much cheaper than their new form.

  26. Since Apple has a big fanbase and is very mainstream it means that people are going to be more interested in watches so probably we’ll see a lot of them in the next couple of years.
    Personally, I would never buy one. It’s very pricy and it lacks features that the Android wear has.

  27. This looks like a very quality piece of technology, however the price is a very hard one to swallow. Though I am not fond of all of Apple’s products, I do enjoy how unified everything is. The iWatch is another product that will conform to this unity, and it would be viable if the price was lower.

  28. I don’t have big expectations of this and I bet it will flop. There’s been a lot of preorders, but from what I’ve heard it’s very similar to just any other smartwatch but twice the price. The Pebble Time will be a huge competitor provided that Pebble does their PR right.

  29. I want to like the Apple watch but its just too expensive and look to childish. When would I ever need to send some my heartbeat? I find the Android wear watches like the Moto 360 to look much nicer and have much more functionality like the “OK Google” voice command, which is absent on the Apple watch. Maybe next time Apple, maybe next time!

  30. Watch out, lol!
    I would probably never buy one of these… I think that they are kind of unnecessary for the lifestyle that I’m currently living, maybe in a few years, it would be helpful… but it’s actually kind of really expensive for just a watch… Saying that, they are kind of successful, not that much as the iPhone, of course, but I have heard a lot about them.

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