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Apple’s New Patent Allows Users to Track People in Real Time

Imagine being able to track people wherever they go, being able to see each and every turn another person makes in real time. Sounds fun? (or maybe creepy?) Apple users will soon have easy access to this technology. The company recently registered a patent for the tech called “Sharing location information among devices” at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

An innovation in tracking technology
We all know that location-tracking technology has been around for quite some time now. But what makes this technology buzz worthy is the fact that any Apple mobile device user can easily use this technology without having to download an app.

Apple has already launched “Find My Friends,” which allows users to determine the specific location of another Apple user. What this newly patented invention offers that makes it more innovative is apart from just seeing the specific location, the technology uses GPS to determine the path they used to get there. This “path tracking” feature shows a far more detailed set of information especially since the technology allows for a real time exchange of information.

Other Features:

  • Mirroring Mode – enables users to see what the other user is seeing on their respective devices
  • Share mapping directions – easily find friends and compare / track locations
  • See a visible line showing how a person was able to get from point A to point B

Privacy Concerns
With the kind of information this new feature is able to gather, issues on privacy and security are inevitable. However, Apple confirms that a mutual confirmation from both sharing parties is needed. It requires permission from the person being tracked, which serves as the security feature and prevents someone from tracking anyone without their knowledge and consent.

1 thought on “Apple’s New Patent Allows Users to Track People in Real Time”

  1. This will be great for parents who want to know exactly what their kids and [though it might be misconstrued as privacy breach] they could take a look at what their kids are viewing on their phones.

    But it’s a double-edged sword as this technology can also be used by “the bad guys” to find out if someone is at home before they break into that person’s home and steal whatever they want.

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