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Four Great iOS Apps You Should Use

Facebook? Check. Twitter? Check. Spotify? Check. We all have our must-haves when it comes to iPhone apps that sometimes we overlook some of the gems that are just waiting to be explored in the iTunes AppStore. Here are some other great iOS apps you should consider.
Dark Sky
For $3.99, Dark Sky users are given accurate weather predictions not just by the hour, but by the minute. Other features include extended 24-hour and 7-day forecasts, global maps, and a real-time alert in case there’s a storm coming. Another useful feature? You’ll be notified if it’s about to rain at your current location.

Are you experiencing disruptions with your sleep cycle? Download Sleepio, your very own sleep coach. To customize the app, you’ll need to answer a sleep questionnaire paired with sleeping data trackers such as Bodymedia and Fitbit. Once your sleeping data is analyzed, Sleepio will generate a personalized program that will help you hit the sack without counting sheep. Sleepio is available for free at the AppStore.

By far one of the best photo editing apps in the App Store, VSCO Cam allows you to tweak shutter speed, white balance, and other photo settings. The app also comes with presets that allow subtle changes that result in a much better looking photo. Once in a while, the folks at VSCO will release new presets (either free or for a very small fee), so check out their store once in a while. Once done, share your photo via VSCO Grid or through Instagram.

No time to update your planner? Download EasilyDo, a free app designed to function as your own virtual personal assistant. Just sync your calendar and email account and you’re good to go. EasilyDo will monitor upcoming events, notifications, and other useful information.

2 thoughts on “Four Great iOS Apps You Should Use”

  1. VSCO Cam is an amazing photo app. I’ve had this app for over two years now and it never failed to disappoint. Its UI is gorgeous and super manageable. Plus it has a ton of filter to choose from and a community in app to share your pictures with.

    Will have to check the other three though, although they do sound pretty helpful. Especially Sleepio, I’ve been looking for a cheap but still effective sleep tracker for a while now. Maybe this will help.

  2. Thanks for sharing, sometimes I forgot that there’s a lot of interesting apps out there and I just stay on my comfort zone, and I think I’m not the only one.
    I think that the only app that I’ve tried is VSCO cam a few times, and it’s a great option for photographers, I have a few friends that make use of it and their pictures end up looking out of this world!
    I really liked the Dark Sky one, sometimes the weather in the internet is not really accurate, and I think that it would be better with this app. I’ll definetly give it a try!

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