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Project Underskin: The next phase of wearable tech

Wearing devices on our wrists isn’t really something new. In the past few years, we’ve been seeing more and more devices like the Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Apple Watch, and other similar gadgets.

Though wearable technology is still somewhat in its early stages, NewDealDesign, the same tech design consultancy behind Fitbit and Google’s Project Ara, has already taken it a step further: smart digital tattoos.

That’s right. Digital chips implanted underneath your skin. NewDeal calls it Project Underskin. If simply thinking about it is starting to freak you out, don’t worry – it’s just a concept (for now).

How it can be used

NewDeal says that with Project Underskin, people will eventually be able to digitally interact with devices using their hands. You can unlock your front door just by touching the doorknob, transfer data by shaking someone’s hand, or automatically monitor your vital signs just by looking at your palm.

The digital implant can also be programmed using gestures, like a flick of a wrist, a high five, or some other movement. NewDeal also says users will be able to customize their own set of gestures.

Not weird, but beautiful

NewDeal doesn’t believe Project Underskin isn’t really that unusual, as they claim we’re already implanting foreign objects in our bodies anyway, like ink tattoos, birth control, and piercings.

They even believe that Project Underskin will serve as an aesthetically-pleasing transition for humans into cybernetically-enhanced beings. The smart tattoos will be powered by our own body’s electro-chemical energy, and will not require chargers, cords, or other accessories.

Brace yourself

For many people, these new technological developments are very unsettling and are downright bizarre. Nevertheless, we have to realize we’re all living in an ever-changing world. And with the rapid pace of technology many things are bound to change – whether it’s for better or for worse is something we’ll just have to find out.

2 thoughts on “Project Underskin: The next phase of wearable tech”

  1. I think a lot of people (including me) will be put off by installed chips under their skin, that’s not really something you can get accustomed to easily, it’s pretty risky if those devices become faulty.
    Still, beyond that I think this can be a revolutionary piece of technology and can open the doors to a lot of possibilities.

  2. I totally understand that the world is changing extremely fast and it’s actually obvious that soon life wouldn’t be like we know it, mostly because of technology that it’s supposed to make our life easier. When it comes to me, yes, I used to have piercings and I’m planning to get a tattoo, but in my opinion, that’s different than actually having a smart device under your skin, I think that I’m not ready for it but I’m looking forward to see if it actually gets done.

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