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I dislike Facebook’s idea for a new Dislike button

Mark Zuckerburg announced Facebook’s new Dislike button which will be coming soon to a Facebook page near you. I understand what sparked this, it is the awkward moment you have when someone posts some bad news (natural disaster or death of a loved one) and you really don’t want to click “Like”. It just doesn’t seem right. However you want to show your support. Facebook is bringing us a Dislike button to help express empathy rather than disdain for posts.

Unfortunately I feel it could very easily backfire and get into a situation where people use it the wrong way or get the wrong meaning from it. Wouldn’t it be easier to use an emoticon such as a sad face? Not every moment is a good moment, but we don’t want to create more bad moments.

8 thoughts on “I dislike Facebook’s idea for a new Dislike button”

  1. This trully is a bad idea. I personally won’t upload pictures on Facebook anymore because of this. It would be shameful to see people actually going to dislike your picture just for the sake of being funny. I totally disagree with Facebook’s choice of a dislike button. Like you said, the sad face would be better. However, the new Like interactions are pretty much great and sum up all possible emotions in a Like.

  2. I have to agree with this article, this is probably not the best idea. Instead of adding a ‘dislike’ button, Facebook should focus more on what matters. Facebook is full of cyber bullies and they for sure would love to have this button be implemented. What about adding a ‘Extra’ like button? Hey, maybe not the best alternative but anything (good) is better than a button that only serves as a source of negativity.

  3. When I first heard about the idea for a “dislike” button, I absolutely didn’t want it to be put in place at all, as I felt as though it would be something that would be bad, and could be used for bullying. But now that I have seen the new “post reactions” tool, I honestly believe that it has been done well, and in a way that can allow us to show how we feel about posts in a much better way. I did not want the dislike button in the way it was first discussed, but in my opinion this was a better option.

  4. A dislike button wouldn’t have accurately reflected the feelings of people. Someone whose post got a dislike would most likely misconstrue it’s meaning and probably in response start disliking the posts of the person responsible even though they didn’t mean to offend [anyone].

    The “reactions” solution though it wasn’t what some Facebook users wanted is much better.

  5. Well it seems like Mark dropped the idea of a Dislike button for the moment, instead we have a few new emojis which I think it’s a better idea.
    A dislike button would simply make people scared of posting on Facebook, which is not this site’s marketing strategy at all. Imagine if a not so good-looking guy or girl posts a picture on Facebook and a lot of people dislike it, that would be pretty bad. The “reactions” recently implemented are a great alternative.

  6. A dislike button would have ended in tears, the new emoji ”reactions” are a much better idea although to be honest I haven’t ever used one, I just stick to the like button mainly because I forget that the emojis are even there. I have to say though there have been times when I’ve read things that a dislike button would have been very useful for!

  7. I’m also not a big fan of this idea, as you’ve said a Like button is great, you show some support if you want and if you don’t you just don’t say anything or comment something negative. But I think that the last facebook update with the reactions (such as love, sadness, happiness and even proud) are super cute, I think that was a great option for the like button, and I hope it stays like this.

  8. Cannot but agree with you. This feature will make people shy of uploading pictures on facebook as being liked or disliked her matters like life and death to people who eat, drink, sleep and live facebook and there are millions of them. And who likes to be disliked anyway!!!!! I think it will have a bearing on facebook’s revenue as well. So, let us see if they really implement it at all!

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