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Makerarm – a super versatile 3D device that can make almost anything

Imagine a single device that can 3D print, carve, etch, mill, solder, plot, assemble, laser cut, and even ice a cake! A new device called Makerarm can do all that and more, anywhere on your workspace. Though still currently a Kickstarter campaign and not an actual product just yet, Makerarm promises to be a complete digital fabrication system that can create “just about anything.”

The device is a swivelling robotic “arm” that can be mounted onto a desk. It uses interchangeable tool heads to perform its wide variety of functions. It can also work in collaboration with another Makerarm to perform more complex tasks.

Amount the largest work area in 3D printers

While its ability to perform multiple things is already very impressive, Makerarm’s 3D printing capability is quite promising as the machine boasts a 30-inch diameter work area – definitely among the largest in 3D printers.

Unlike most 3D printers confined in a box, Makerarm’s large work area allows the machine to print 3D objects that range from 10 x 30 inches wide and 10 inches high, using filaments or resin.

Interchangeable tool heads

Using its interchangeable tool heads, the device is capable of:

  • Laser engraving – A high-power 500mW laser head can engrave and etch on multiple surfaces like leather, wood, plastic, cardboard, and more
  • Carving and milling – Makerarm is capable of light duty desktop milling and carving. This function is possible on different materials such as wood, plastic, and soft metals.
  • Picking and placing – Makerarm can handle pick and place operations using grippers, electromagnetic heads, and vacuum pump-coupled suction cups
  • Assembling – Using its different assembly heads, Makerarm can automatically place and fasten screws, and can even glue objects into place.
  • PCB fabrication – Makerarm can perform automated PCB milling, drilling, soldering, and pick-and-place assembly.
  • Custom functions – Creation of custom tool heads is possible using a special hardware development kit.

Early adopters can pre-order Makerarm for $999 (it’ll cost as much as $2,199 after the pre-order period).

Take a look at Makerarm’s Kickstarter page.

2 thoughts on “Makerarm – a super versatile 3D device that can make almost anything”

  1. It’s quite expensive but taking into account the fact that it can do lots of things: 3D printing, soldering, etching, carve, etc, I can see how artisans will want to make their work easier by buying this device.

    In the not-so distant future such devices will drive a lot of people out of business. Who’ll want to hire someone to carve something for them when there’s a device that can do a better job . . .

  2. I think it’s a revolutionary technology device, it’s worth the $2.2k and I imagine it could be used for a lot of trivial things we do while at a desk. Companies will probably see this as a worthy investment, I could use one too but I can’t justify the price.

    Technology is moving fast man.. it’s crazy!

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