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Google releases Search Quality Rating Guidelines first time ever!

Google has just released their Search Quality Rating Guidelines and handbook for the first time ever. It is not surprising that an increasing amount of Google searches now occur on mobile devices compared to desktop computers. As we have seen earlier this year, Google continues to make big changes to its secret sauce algorithm to display search results better suited to our mobile world. It takes into account things like your location and what type of search you are performing. In the past we have obtained glimpses of what Google feels is important to have your website displayed on the highly sought after first page and now they have provided access to a lot more details regarding the specifics.

Here is the blog update providing an update on those guidelines and here is a link to the guideline update (160 pages!). Happy reading.

1 thought on “Google releases Search Quality Rating Guidelines first time ever!”

  1. Do you reckon it’s worth reading those guidelines if I’m a web developer? I’m not going to develop a search engine anytime soon but it may be worth to get some insight of the architecture techniques and design ideas.
    Should be a fun read eitherway!

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