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Best of 2015 Videos – Amazing!

Every year I look forward to the recap videos that get put out by YouTube Rewind and always love the GoPro featured compilations. Last year’s videos certainly did not disappoint, enjoy watching both!

GoPro: Best of 2015 – The Year in Review


YouTube Rewind: Now Watch Me 2015 | #YouTubeRewind


6 thoughts on “Best of 2015 Videos – Amazing!”

  1. You know you’re getting old when you watch the YouTube Rewind 2015 and have no idea who anybody is. Anyway, 2015 was an awesome year for YouTube. A tiny camera that can be mounted anywhere. On your helmet, and even on the sides of bikes or cars. The introduction of GoPro allows for tons of different angles for filming stunts, which made 2015 an amazing year for that.

    • Don’t even worry about it, I’m 18 and watch a lot of Youtube videos. I don’t have any idea who half of these people are, haha!
      Last year’s Youtube Rewind was pretty cool, I loved the song mixed by Avicii and I thought the video looked interesting. That being said, I was more impressed by the GoPro 2015 review, it looked awesome.

  2. YouTube Rewind looks like it was such a fun video to shoot. It has many of my favorite YouTubers in it and the song remixes in it are perfect. Love the overall message it sends to the audience. The ‘good’ side of YouTube is a fun community.

  3. This list is great solely for the YouTube rewind video! It was pretty amazing and nicely made. Lots of people and videos I didn’t recognize, though 🙁

  4. I have no idea who anyone is, I mean I think I could recognise a couple of famous YouTubers but famous Viners are a mystery to me. The YouTube rewind thing is pretty cool though.

    • I am also out of the loop on famous Viners. It really highlights a generational difference. I am in my 20s and think I was just a few years old to really understand or enjoy Vine. However, I love Youtube and watch it more than traditional television at this point. Whereas, people a bit older than me find it strange that I would enjoy watching other people play video games or do an activity. Social media demographics are really fascinating!

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