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Smartphones to watch out for this year

Each year brings something new to look forward to. For tech lovers, release dates of the latest crop of smartphones are definitely one of them.

With smartphones, there’s always cutting-edge hardware, revolutionary features, and other new improvements waiting to be unleashed on the hordes of tech-thirsty gadget enthusiasts.

Find out more about the newest smartphones scheduled to be released this year:

OnePlus 3

Leaked specs for the OnePlus 3 revealed the device may come with a fingerprint sensor, a Full HD display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip.

It might be a few more months before we get any official specs, but you can expect the OnePlus 3 to have a similar design and size, 4GB of RAM, USB Type-C, and larger battery capacity.

Samsung Galaxy S7

There has already been plenty of speculation regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung’s soon-to-be flagship phone.

According to rumors, there may be two models available for the S7, possibly a 5.2-inch version and a larger 5.8-inch version. Leaks also suggest that Samsung may have two separate chips for each phone, the Exynos and the Qualcomm SD820, but the latter might simply be used for testing purposes only.

The S7 is going to arrive a little sooner than expected, with the launch scheduled for February 21 at the Mobile World Congress.

iPhone 7

Late last year, there was a rumor circulating that Apple was getting rid of the headphone socket for the iPhone 7. Their patented Lightning connector already supports audio, so Apple may just ditch the common headphone component in favour of say, a larger battery.

It’s a safe bet that the iPhone 7 will have a completely new design as well. iOS 10 will most likely be released along with the new iPhone, and users can expect a better camera experience and 3D Touch functionality.

HTC One M10

The M9 had a lackluster performance last year, so HTC might have better plans and improvements for the M10 (or whatever they choose to call it –rumor has it they might just be abandoning the “M”).

There has been little information about their new device, but it is said that they may just use the HTC One A9 – the most interesting device from HTC in 2015 – as a test bed for the M10.

4 thoughts on “Smartphones to watch out for this year”

  1. I’d love to actually have money for any of these phones. Samsung Galaxy S7 came out and I’m staring at it through a glass, because I can’t afford it. Well, even though they come out, they will always be overpriced because of the brand. The name Samsung on your phone is also priced, because the phone isn’t worth so much money, in my opinion.

    • I’ve had a good experience with the Samsung phones in the past, but not so good with the Sony ones. If you ask me the Sony brand is waaaaay too overpriced, the Samsung not so much. Because so far I haven’t heard many bad things from Samsung, but Sony… let’s just say I know 2 people whose Sony Xperia phones suddenly died on them for no apparent reason.

  2. HTC have really fallen off in the past year, it’s been rough for them with the 810 SD chip, but it seems like M10 is a pretty nice phone, hopefully that’s going to go well for them.
    Galaxy S7 isn’t what a lot of people expected, not that much better than the S6, I imagine a lot of people would much rather go for the S6 since it’s cheaper.
    LG G5 is pretty cool though.

  3. Wasn’t the iPhone 7 the phone that was introducing that new picture extension? You know, that one in which you take a picture and you end up getting something like a GIF file or a very short film. I don’t member the name of that new image file extension, I watched an ad on it on TV not so long ago. I thought it was the most awesome feature ever! I’m almost certain it’s from the new iPhone. I am not a fan of iPhone, but that feature alone would make me want to get that new iPhone 7.

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