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4 thoughts on “Microsoft upgrading to Windows 10 without consent”

  1. I don’t see why Microsoft is pushing this update so badly. Put the consumer first. Something that happened to me, (not really related to the upgrade) I was downloading something on my computer, went away for literally 15 minutes, came back and my PC was updating. An official Windows 10 update. The same screen when I upgraded from 7 to 10, but instead this is an update. Took an hour and they told me nothing about this beforehand.

    • They’re pushing the update because they want everyone on board on Windows 10, so it’s easier for them to manufacture things. It’s stupid that they even go behind people’s backs to upgrade, a lot of my family members didn’t know what to do so they installed Windows 10 without consent. I had to go to them and revert back the change plus limit Windows 10’s capabilities of auto-updating.
      It’s a stupid move.

  2. Yes! I completely agree. My computer almost automatically upgraded to Windows 10. Being a developer, I always follow a wait and watch strategy to make sure new software isn’t buggy before I switch to it. Microsoft is being borderline pushy when it comes to this update.

  3. I’ve heard about this happening on r/PCMasterRace. I don’t know why Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 so much. A lot of people could actually end up paying more on their internet bill because of the updates and bandwidth caps. I agree with another commenter that Microsoft needs to put the customers first, and this is not how you do it. Forcing you to upgrade is also not so good for PR.

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