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4 essential skills for online marketing experts

In today’s fast-paced world of online digital marketing, you need to possess all the essential tools if you want to succeed. This includes having a solid grasp of all available media channels, instincts that help identify the latest trends, and all of the basic skills and knowledge of a successful marketing expert.

In case you’re just starting your career in online marketing or you’re looking to hire a skilled marketer, here are some attributes to be aware of:

Sales Skills

People who know how to sell are usually good marketers. They know how to interact and engage people, as well as how to create sales opportunities. A digital marketer may not be directly involved with closing sales, but it’s essential that they have the ability to sell – without it, a company will simply be wasting marketing money without getting qualified lead opportunities in return.

Objective Thinking

While you need passion to be a successful marketer, too much can cloud your judgment, and make you miscalculate marketing theories and initiatives. Marketers who have the ability to think objectively will be able to focus solely on what’s effective, and not on ideas or strategies that they simply hoped would be effective.

A Keen Eye for Design

Digital media is a very visual-driven medium. It involves more than just words – you also need a keen eye for design in order to communicate a message successfully. In addition, a digital marketer should have basic knowledge of web design and Photoshop.

Balance Between Creativity and Analytical Thinking

Creativity and analytical thinking are required in digital marketing, so anyone who possesses a mix of both can be very successful in the field. Many marketers make the mistake of focusing on just one of the two aspects, failing to realize that a successful campaign needs both. Many of the most creative campaigns were based on analytics, which made them that much more successful.

6 thoughts on “4 essential skills for online marketing experts”

  1. I believe the reason why many new internet marketers fail to make any money is because they wade right in believing that if others have done it, they too can do it.

    As a number of these skills can be learned, anyone who wants to be an internet marketer should at least try to learn how to sell first before they get started. That would give them an edge over many who get drawn into online marketing simply because they think there is easy money to be made.

  2. Every single one of the skills mentioned are vital. I think that if you’re new to Online Marketing, following the advice and tips provided by marketing experts can help you become an online marketing expert yourself. The ability to engage with people is the most important skill to me. You can do this by blogging, using social media and much more. So many people can be reached through those methods and that’s a big step you shouldn’t miss.

  3. Those skills are really invaluable, creativity is another great skill to have when you are an online marketer. I tried online marketing when I was younger, but failed miserably, I think that was because I wasn’t patient enough, but mostly because I had no idea of what I was doing. Would I try again? Most likely not, but you never know 🙂 This kind of posts never fail to inspire me.

  4. The only reason why new online marketer or so called internet marketers fail is because they look for quick cash without doing much. They look for ways like “get rich quick” scheme. Plus they only want to MAKE money, without offering anything to the audience they are targeting.

    Looking at the different ways and never taking action is also a habit of an unsuccessful marketer. They just keep looking to find the most easiest way, which they never find. The skills you mention are critically important, which ofcourse they don’t posses.

    I used to do the same in the beginning. However, I made a plan and now I run my own SUCCESSFUL blog.


  5. Not everyone succeeds when it comes to marketing, especially online marketing when things are a little bit more difficult, I think that it has to do with the plan that you have to make your project work and how willing are you to commit to it, in my opinion, once you have that, all the creativity and responsibility comes with the process.

  6. All important points to remember. It is true that one should acquire some skills before just jumping into online marketing because online marketing is more difficult than physical marketing as there is no hot body interaction here and you never know what the client is thinking or if he is really serious about your product. So, the importance of learning these skills and making it more attractive to your client so he cannot but go through whatever you have to say.

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