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10 thoughts on “Better securing your Facebook account”

  1. You’re right on Facebooks view on being open! But it isn’t their choice to be open with our information so they should make these security steps easier and clearer, and be more open with AUP or setting changes.

    Whats the point of us being secure if the hole could be our contacts, it’s like needing to keep a secret, telling one friend and expecting them to keep it.

    • I agree that they should make the security measures a bit easier to understand, especially considering that many of Facebook’s users are children or adults that are not tech savvy. Even as someone who considers himself pretty good with technology, I am not always clear on what each of the Facebook security measures actually does. I literally had to try to look at Facebook profile from another person’s account in order to see what the average person could view on my page.

    • If I need to keep a secret I sure as hell wouldn’t put it up on Facebook. They are known to sell your data to advertisement companies. That’s how much they value your privacy. The way I use Facebook is just a glorified messaging app, basically. I never post anything.

  2. It is so cool that you were on Global news. Once again surprising me, like you did when you talked about how you invented a new product in your previous blog post. I find it interesting that Facebook believes all your information should be public. I don’t think any user of Facebook agrees with that because people want to keep their privacy. The fact that someone could find so much information off of social media and use it to log into someone’s bank account is scary.

    I don’t understand why apps are allowed to access my friend’s information if I allow them to access mine? That does not make any sense and should be stopped by Facebook. To me, Instagram seems to be a lot safer and does not allow as much information to be given out. Facebook seems to actively try to give away as much of your information as possible. Anyways, that was a very informative interview, and I am now convinced that you are, in fact, an internet security expert.

  3. Facebook’s view on user data is pretty alarming to me. I would rather have my data be safe, and accessible only to me. It seems Facebook is taking these things too lightly. Thanks for the info!

    • It’s not just Facebook sadly, most big companies do this. The real problem is that Facebook also sells your browsing preferences to ad companies. Now, that is alarming and unethical, if you ask me. Sadly, if you want to use their site, you need to accept their terms.

  4. Facebook has changed so much and although I don’t use it as much, I like reading about its updates and what not.

    This whole Facebook’s view is quite confusing to me and I hope they can find another way to make our accounts more secure.

  5. It is rather uncomfortable for some applications asking to get such information from you, some of it can be justified one way or another, but it doesn’t change the fact that your privacy is disregarded in favor of customized content.

  6. Security is a big issue with Facebook, especially because a lot of the games and apps integrated on the platform ask for your info and a lot of people click on “Yes” without reading.
    From what I’ve read on various tech blogs it seems like Facebook has been taking security lightly, that should change ASAP, more than one billion people use it.

  7. I agree with you completely, it seems like Facebook has become a popularity contest nowadays and people are actually willing to reveal more information in order to get more popularity, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But as you’ve said we need to be a little bit more selfish with the information that we share online. I used to have a ton of friends on Facebook about a year ago and it wasn’t fun anymore because I didn’t meet those people and actually someone created a fake account with my picture on it, that freaked me out a little bit and I decided to create a new one only with people that I know, it has become more private and I actually feel more free.
    It was definitely a good decision.

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