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The H2 Speed hydrogen-powered supercar

In the world of supercars, it takes a lot to stand out these days. Pininfarina, one of Italy’s top design and engineering firms, has done just that with their new “H2 Speed“.

A unique supercar concept which recently drew a lot of attention at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the H2 Speed utilizes a pair of electric motors that generate a combined power output of around 370 kW (500 hp), which is produced at a blistering 13,000 rpm. The supercar’s only exhaust emission is water!

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles aren’t entirely new – many of them are currently deep in the development stages and aren’t about to hit the roads anytime soon. These projects are geared more towards creating alternatives to regular gasoline and diesel-powered cars. With the H2 Speed, Pininfarina hopes to fill the tiny yet ultra-expensive and very high profile supercar niche.


The world’s first hydrogen-powered performance car

The H2 Speed is able to go from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in as little as 3.4 seconds. It can complete 400 meters (1,300 ft) from a standing start in just 11 seconds, reaching top speeds of around 300 km/h (186 mph)

Declared the world’s first-ever hydrogen high-performance car, the H2 Speed boasts a two-motor drive train and 210 kW twin-stack proton exchange membrane fuel cells under its hood. Its propulsion system was developed by Franco-Swiss firm GreenGT, one of the world’s leading developers of clean and sustainable vehicle propulsion systems.

One of its many features is direct transmission to the rear wheels, which allows the driver to concentrate on taking the right lines, as there is no need to shift any gears. This is further enhanced by a cutting-edge high-performance torque vectoring system, which makes the overall system a speedy yet easily maneuverable machine.


No commercial release

Want one? Unfortunately, the H2 Speed is solely a research and development platform by Pininfarina, which means there are no future plans for a commercial release. But it could certainly pave the way for more hydrogen-powered (super)cars in the future!


Take a look at a CGI-rendered video of the H2 Speed concept car in action:

7 thoughts on “The H2 Speed hydrogen-powered supercar”

  1. This is awesome, but it’s a shame this super car is not going to be hitting the roads anytime soon. I bet a lot people (who can actually afford such a thing – because I am more than sure this car will cost a lot if it ever makes it out the prototype stage) would love to buy it. It sounds like the perfect ecologic car 🙂

  2. The future is in non-fossil fuel vehicles. Oil is going to run out sooner than most people think. I’m really happy some companies are exploring these areas. A lot of people associates sport cars with their fuel requirements. Seeing this one, it’s safe to say that this is a step in the right direction.

    • That is very true, I had read about this a while ago 🙁 I read that article a couple years ago, so I don’t remember how long they think we will be able to extract oil, but I remember thinking back then that it was a relatively short time. So yeah, this kind of cars offer a perfect solution to this problem 🙂 I bet they will cost a lot at first, and we might not be able to purchase one in the next 2 decades (too early).

      • Tesla is already mass producing affordable electric cars. It might come sooner than that. I remain optimistic about this. One thing’s for sure. Next time I buy a car I either buy an electric or a one like this.

  3. Hopefully the technology will be used to make cars which regular folks who aren’t in motorsports can use. Good thing is great progress is being made — it won’t be long before we are no longer that dependent on fossil fuels. It would be great for the environment as the only exhaust emission is water.

  4. What an awesome looking and environmentally friendly vehicle! I always like to see new research be put into finding alternatives to fossil fuels in order to protect our environment. I hope that we can see this car on the roads within the next decade or so!

  5. It is in the advanced stage of development and Hydrogen powered vehicle will arrive soon. For the past few years, there have been numerous stories of such a car heard all around, some of which turned out to be mere rumors or fraudulent attempts. But, now its seems an emission free car is around the corner as many car makers have claimed to have reached a stage where they can launch it in the nex few years. If done, it will arrive as a savior to the world and hopefully, it will be affordable for people like me so that I can find myself behind the steering of a green car.

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