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12 thoughts on “3D Printers will become common a household item”

  1. Thanks a lot David, this was a really informative video! I had heard about 3D printers and that they had printed a car and even pizza, but I never understood how that could e possible. Now I understand this new technology better 🙂 So it’s basically layer over layer, just like a normal printer, but with plastic ( I now know food printers are more complex than that and use edible ”materials”). So interesting, I think this could be really useful for people who need to get a 3d version of a design. This can be so useful for people of certain professions.

  2. Oh my god… I actually thought that 3D printers would be a “real” thing in a few years, but what you’ve said definetly changed all my perspective about it. I have heard of 3D printers before, but I guess that I haven’t done a proper research about them, it’s really interesting, I wonder if someone in the past thought about this before it became real, it’s actually incredible what we have made possible as humans, and I’m really excited to be what happens next and what is going to be the future of 3D printers. (I also need a food printer, that would be amazing).

    • Technology is advancing at a higher pace we can imagine. We already have 3D printed organs and such, of course they are still experimental, but imagine how many lives would that save. We could eliminate waiting lists. The black market for organs would cease to exist and that’s just the beginning.

  3. I still have my doubts on 3d printers becoming commonplace any time soon. The technology is still in infant stage and requires a great amount of push for it to garner enough acceptance in the society. I understand that 3D printers offer many new possibilities like creating food, buildings and even human organs. However, the problem lies in people acceptance. How many people are willing to use products created from 3D printers? It is yet another big question mark that has to be removed before the claims stated in video become true.

    • It depends on what time frame you mean by anytime soon. I don’t expect that 3D printers will be common in households within the next 5 years either. But I do believe that they will become commonplace eventually. People thought that cell phones would never catch on, but look at them now. The same can be said about personal computers. We can never underestimate how technology can advance and become easily accessible for the common man.

  4. They definitely will, David! A year ago 3D printers went for at least a couple thousand dollars, right now you can buy one for $800 or something like that.
    3D printers will be as common in people’s houses as fridges are now, I’m sure a lot of inventions are going to come up for this incredible piece of technology. In the future companies will probably 3d print your order instead of shipping an item to your house.

  5. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in these few years. I remember reading in a magazine, only about five years ago, about this new concept called “3D Printing”, and I remember thinking about how far-fetched it was. Yet, here it is. I just think it’s unbelievable that people can find so many uses for it, and that it’s about to become something so common that kids are probably going to wonder how there was ever a time we didn’t have 3D printing.

  6. Some companies like autodesk have no doubt that 3D printers will be a common household items. They even made an app which kids can use to design their own toys which they can then print at home.

    I believe that 3D printing is going to change a number of industries even though it doesn’t appear like it will now. And when 3D printers become a household item, who’ll want to buy toys? If you’ve got the 3D model, you can print it.

  7. I can’t wait. Just imagine, instead of running to the shop because you need like a screwdriver, you can just print on for yourself. It’s huge, not only for us but for space exploration too. Just think about it. What if we send people to Mars and they need a a piece of equipment that they didn’t think about or they specifically didn’t send because of a 3D printer. Amazing!

  8. I remember reading an article on this very blog around 18 months ago, telling us all about the possibilities of this new technology. Now, it seems that it is becoming accessible to the household. I’d like to be able to print small parts, for repairs. Food printing sounds pretty wicked too!

  9. I think it’s only a matter of time before 3D printers take off, especially in the medical field. The ability for it to construct organs for transplants is huge. Also have to consider the downside though. As VICE showed us, 3D printed guns are quite easy to make and are surprisingly effective. I think the good heavily outweighs the bad though, 3D printing is the future.

  10. Are we on the verge of another technological revolution!!! I can believe what I just heard! This is mind boggling. I heard about 3D printers and how it is being used in animation but to go to that extent is revolutionary. This method is going to be of immense importance in medical technology more than anything else. Any type of genetic disease or cancer ar other major dysfunctions can be treated successfully with the help of 3D printing method. Looking forward to have more info on this page.

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