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6 Fitness Bands to Consider

There are so many options now for choosing a personal fitness band. These bands are great for those starting out. Remember small changes can turn into big results. Some people may base their decision purely on looks but I would recommend taking a look at functionality as well.

Fitbit Alta

~ $120

This unit tracks 24×7 and loves steps helping you hit your daily goal. It has a short battery life at 5-days and you don’t need to do anything to get it started: you start moving, it starts tracking. Nice and simple. Tracks sleep also.


Microsoft Band 2

~ $200

Has 11 sensors which include barometer and GPS. It also has an optional heart-rate monitor. It tracks steps accurately and can also track sleep. It has a nice bright display. You can get “move now” reminders which some people will find helpful. Not waterproof though.


Polar A360


This band tracks activity through exercises including calories burned and steps. It has a bright display. It gives you inactivity warnings through vibrating. Also it is waterproof.


Hi-Tec Trek Plus


This unit also tracks steps and sleep and also has a resting heart-rate monitor.


Garmin Vivofit 3


Another fitness and sleep monitor but it more oriented towards actual swimming, running and cycling. It has a stopwatch and will tell you calories burned. It is water-resistant and the battery lasts a year. The display is very small but there are a huge number of stats you can look at in the app including the ability to challenge your friends.

The Misfit Ray


Great battery at 6-months and water-resistant as well. It can track steps, calories burned, sleep and even distance. It also tries to be smart to detect what activities you are doing. It has no display at all, so everything is through vibrations or the app.