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Smartwatch that floats!

Smartwatches have been around a while. Don’t you remember the calculator watches back in the 70s? I had one, it was pretty cool at the time. Then they came out with memo capabilities in the 90s with appointment reminders and 30 character screens. Some watches even had built-in pagers. What’s that you ask? Imagine one-way text messaging but with extremely limited number of characters. We were thinking there would be a whole bunch of new smartwatches out in 2016 but the pickings are few.

A super cool Smartwatch to check out is Nixon The Mission, an Androidwear watch for outdoor and sport enthusiasts. And yes as you can see by the photos, it floats.


This large watch is rugged and waterproof to 100m. It has a very nice 400×400 touchscreen that you can use even when wet. Being a smartwatch, it is equipped with compass, gyrometer, altimeter, GPS, thermometer, accelerometer and humidity sensors. Other specs are 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage for apps and music. It will be available later this year for roughly $400.