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Waterproof dustproof sports MP3 earbuds, great for swimming and running

The Sony NW WS410 series headphones are great for exercising! They are waterproof and dustproof IP67/68 earbuds. The WS413 is a 4GB MP3 player and they have the WS414 with an 8GB flavor for more tunes. There is no Bluetooth support or mic, and they are relatively expensive. However these do fit a niche requirement with their fantastic fit and weight, the water/dust-proofing, and you can get an hour of usage out of a quick 3-minute charge! The battery is amazing for such a lightweight headset. They support an ambient sound mode. The waterproofing includes resilience in salt water up to 6 feet deep for 30 minutes.

The battery life and charging is a big deal along with how comfortable they are. They look bulkier than typical earbuds, but they don’t feel it. Quick and simple to wear while running or swimming, they come with a variety of different sizes of earbuds for a more snug fit.

The ambient sound mode can be enabled at the touch of a button and lasts up to 7 hours making the surrounding world easier to hear. Tapping play starts the music and you can also select mode to play certain tracks based on folders or albums, or go shuffle play. These should be considered for anyone wanting a fairly non-intrusive lightweight MP3 device to listen to music. People have found it easier to push themselves faster and further than their normal routines as the music distracts and enhances what you are doing.

Charging is simple and quick. Place them in their dock and in only 3-minutes of charging you end up with an hour of use. The dock is very small and connects by USB.

If you want Bluetooth and GPS run tracking, Sony has the Smart-B Trainer in a similar design. However it costs more and the battery life is not as good.