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Top videos of 2016

There are many creative and strange videos that top the charts throughout the year…. meaning they get a lot of “views”. Here are a few that you may have missed and might enjoy.


YouTube compiles their “Rewind” video annually and are an overview of that year’s viral videos.Here is YouTube Rewind 2016:


A fun video to watch: Water Bottle Flip Edition | Dude Perfect


For those of you who don’t follow Casey Neistat, it is worth checking out some of his daily vlogs. His is a YouTube personality who lives an interesting life. Here is an example of one of his videos, the $21,000 first class airplane seat


There are many other videos that are hosted on Vimeo such as this AICP sponsor reel which demonstrates interesting eye candy.


One of my favorite as a technology futurist, Hyper-Reality. Someone’s vision of what the future holds for us in our daily lives where physical and virtual realities are merged into a kaleidoscopic view.