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Save Time with Facebook’s New Inbox for Business – Instagram and Chats in One Place

Life is getting easier for social media managers. Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram are all coming together. Facebook Business users will be able to read and respond to messages from all three platforms. And it’s all happening in their new Page Manager inbox.

Facebook and Instagram have been integrating over the last several years. Zuckerberg bought the picture and video sharing app back in 2012 for about a billion dollars. Those running Facebook ad campaigns have seen the default Instagram option. Just link up your accounts. Every ad you create is automatically turned into an Instagram version. Each is placed for your chosen custom audience.

Facebook pages receive close to 5 billion comments, messages and posts each month. About 2.8 billion super-stylized photos and videos are shared each month on Instagram. And 1 billion texts pass between businesses and customers on Facebook’s Messenger app.

Business managers will save time by viewing to questions and comments for all the apps in one place. They’ll be able to respond to customer questions and concerns more rapidly and efficiently. And that can lead to greater customer satisfaction.

The possibilities for business benefits are wide open. If you use Instagram to sell real estate, for example, you’ll be able to see all the relevant comments, pictures, videos, and chats at once. You get the slight edge of speed. With down-to-the-second updates and bids at your fingertips, decision-making is fast and informed.

It’s all about the conversation. You’re sharing ideas in real time – as fluently as possible. And that creates relationships strong businesses depend on.