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11 Choices to Discover Your Perfect Messaging App

What’s your messaging personality? Do you want to send secure and anonymous messages, make your own memes, or chat with your favorite 200 friends all at once?

Whatever your preference, there’s an app for you. Check out these 11 choices to see which fits your personality and messaging style the best.

1 – WhatsApp

For anyone looking for a secure, basic service

WhatsApp offers a smart basic and secure messaging system to sending text, voice, and video messages all over the world. You can also create and name groups, send documents up to 100 MB and share photos instantly with up to 256 of your closest friends.

The service features end-to-end encryption developed by Open Whisper Systems and is completely free to use when you use an Internet connection with your phone.

Available for Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows PC, and Windows Phone, free


2 – Signal

For people seeking ultra-secure communication that bypasses the censors

Signal is the ultra-secure messaging app from Open Whisper systems endorsed by Laura Poitras and Edward Snowden. It’s completely free, and uses the phone number and contacts you already have.

Every communication is automatically encrypted – even Signal can’t read what you send. In addition, the newest release in the beta channel includes domain fronting techniques that help users avoid message blocking in countries that censor.

Available for Android and iOS phones, free


3 – Facebook Messenger

For people who want to stay in the moment with their network … even while driving

With Facebook messenger, you can text for free and always know when your message has been seen. Make face-to-face video calls around the world. Snap and share photos instantly and share locations with maps.

With the newest features, you can also play games with friends or use it with Android Auto on your car’s dashboard. Want to avoid driving distraction? Have the app read your messages aloud or set up autoresponders. It will let your contacts know you’re watching the road and can’t chat right now.

Need privacy? Use Messenger’s option for “secret conversations” to send and receive encrypted messages with your phone.

Available for Android, iOS, and Windows phones, free


4 – Threema

For people looking for heavy-duty security and anonymity

Threema, short for End to End Encrypted Messaging Application (EEEMA), is a Swiss company providing secure and anonymous communication. Use it for all your text messages, group chats, video chats, voice messages, and files attachments. With open source asymmetric cryptography, minimal data on servers, and self-destructing messages, your messages will be safe from third party interference.

Each user retains anonymity with a Threema ID. No phone numbers or email is required to sign up. And you can verify your contacts with QR code and key fingerprint comparisons.

Threema is available for Android, iOS, and Windows phones. You can also access all information and chat from your desktop with Threema Web.

Available for Android, iOS, and Windows phones, $2.99 on Google Play


5 – Telegram

For people looking for security combined with the convenience of cloud-based data storage

Telegram messenger features secure messaging with self-timed message destruction. In addition to sending messages, you can coordinate groups of up to 5000 members, synchronize charts across all your devices, send docs of any type and store all your media attachments in the cloud.

The app uses open source security software allowing constant review by experts all over the world. The results show success. In 2015, the company offered $300,000 to anyone who could crack the encryption. There were no winners.

Available for Android, iOS, and Windows phones, free


6 – Line

For social people who like to share and great for gamers

Line lets you post on a timeline similar to Facebook’s and share albums. With the same app, you can also call landlines and make free international video and voice calls iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry (voice only), and PC (Windows and Mac). Want to talk to the whole gang? Set up group chats for up to 200 participants.

Available for Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Firefox, and Chrome, free


7 – WeChat

App for the Social Adventurer

We chat lets you send text messages, make voice and video calls, share photos, and play games. You can make group chats of up to 500 and group video calls for up to 9 people. This is perfect for the person who likes to connect visually – with hundreds of free animated stickers.

With real time location sharing and features like “Friend Radar”, “People Nearby” and “Shake” you can meet other users in real space. Translation to any of 20 different languages is included.

Available for Android, iOS. Windows phone, Windows, and Mac, free


8 – Google’s Allo App

For expressive people in search of a personal assistant

Feeling creative? Express yourself with stickers, doodle on photos to turn them into memes, or send emojis with your text. This smart app will suggest the words and pics as it gets to know you.

Allo comes with Google’s virtual personal assistant – a feature similar to Siri or Cortana. Ask it to suggest a video for movie night or find the nearest Thai restaurant. Get directions to the party or find out the score for the big game.

Available for Android and iOS phones, free


9 – Google Hangouts

For group calls and conferencing

Google Hangouts allow Users with Google voice accounts to make video calls, group calls, and chats. Google Voice account holders can receive calls right in the Hangouts app. Share GIFs, photos, and make phone calls for as low as one cent per minute.

Available on Android and iOS devices, PCs, and laptops, free


10 – Viber

For people who want automated social contact lists and free, secure communication worldwide

Viber automatically knows which of your contacts uses its service, so you don’t have to add them. Just select and start talking.

You can make international voice and video calls for free using wifi. Start group chats with messaging for up to 100 friends. Send photos, videos, and attachments, Play Viber Games, and send your texts with stickers and emoticons. You can also make instant video messages.

Viber protects all communication with automatic encryption. In addition, you’ll know when all your messages are seen and be able to delete any text or voice messages – even if you’ve already sent them.

Available for Android, iOS, and desktop, free


11 – Slack

Real-time messaging, archiving, and search for modern teams

Slack allow teams to communicate effectively with the ability to create various channels, open channels for transparency or private channels with only certain team members.

You can direct message others, drag and drop files, start voice or audio calls, and search your entire archive including the contents of those files.

Available on Android and iOS devices, PCs, and laptops, free