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How to find great colors that work well together

As transcribed from my video https://youtu.be/RLNoSYFbmp8

“Is your design sense somewhat challenged at times? Here are some great websites to check out.

Cool Site Spotlight E3 Finding Color Palettes Design Colour David Papp

There’s a website called design-seeds.com which is amazing where basically you can explore by color, by collection, by the seasons of nature, and different kind of use. What they do is they show you a sample photo like a landscape scene, and then they show you all of the colors in that color palette so you know that those are the colors that appear and  are very complementary to each other. So you don’t even have guess, they’re telling you.

Another great website is by Adobe. They call it color.Adobe.com. Amazing website that you can see what’s currently trending, what are the popular color palettes the people are saving on their website. And see these sets of five colors that work well together.

If you’re like me and a bit design challenged, when it comes to choosing colors and you want it to look great, these are some great sites that you can go for some inspiration and use some of the colors that are suggested in those Palettes.”