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Why Does Your Voice Sound Weird When You Listen to Videos of Yourself?

When you first get into video or audio recordings, there’s a lot to take in. I’m sure you’ll feel excited about making videos and audio recordings or perhaps your nervous. Whatever the case is, the revelations that come from that experience are different when you get to editing those recordings for the first time. The big reason is that your voice doesn’t sound right. In fact many think their voice sounds just awful.

Why is that though? Well it’s because of how sound works. But also the fact that when we speak, we are hearing our voice in two completely different ways.

The first way we hear our voice is through the vibrating sound waves that are hitting your ear drums. This is the way that other people will be hearing your voice. This voice that you are hearing through your audio recording is how other people hear you whenever you speak to anyone.

But why our voice sounds different is because of this second method. This is what we always hear when we speak and we listen to the sound of our voice. When we speak, the same vibrations travel the same way as the first way. They travel up through our vocal cords, through our skull, vibrate our ear drums and are pushed outwards through our mouths. However, when we are listening to our voice, the fact that our voice is traveling through our bones, we get a sense of a lower pitch or bass. We believe that that is our voice, but that’s actually false as our real voice is the voice from the first way, what others are hearing. And that sound is high enough for us to note that our voice sounds weird or different.

So don’t worry so much about it. Yes it’s definitely weird and as you are starting to record you will definitely be noticing. However with practice, you’ll get used to listening to this new voice. All you need to do is keep recording!