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4 Great and Free Social Media Post Creation Tools to Try

Being active on social media is both necessary and often times difficult if you are a small business owner or you’re a one-person marketing team. Fortunately there are a variety of tools available for you to pick from that help with this. From scheduling posts to manipulating, designing, and getting free images, you have a lot of options.

However, some people can’t be bothered about hopping onto multiple platforms. So here is a brief list of some incredible – and free – platforms that make these processes easier. You won’t need to hop between platforms to create fantastic posts with these.

Image Quote

Previously known as Instaquote, this tool does what it says on the box, it’s a tool designed to generate a random quote while providing various graphics for you to pick and choose. There is a lot of flexibility with this app and of course offers more should you decide to pick the premium option. The only catch to this is this is a mobile app with no desktop option so if you need to bring the post you created to your computer for whatever reason, you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to get there.

Setting that aside, it’s a great and convenient tool for any smartphone user who uses their mobile a lot. Here is the app on the Apple app store.


Pablo is similar to Image Quote in that it generates quotes and has a wide selection of images for you to choose from, but that is where their similarities end. Pablo is an incredible tool to use as the platform is created by Buffer, the social media scheduler. If you have a Buffer account (free or paid) you can easily make a post and schedule it right there.

On top of that, there is more flexibility to the overall post you are creating. You have a little more choice than on Image Quote in that you can make a post designed for a specific platform rather than having a static image designed for one social media platform. Pablo also has a feature for you to include your own logo in these posts as well.

Quotes Cover

Quotes Cover is another incredibly unique tool to consider if you need to make content quickly and has some interesting perks. For one, there is no login or sign up page which means you don’t need to make an account in order to use this tool. I love not needing an account!   And best of all, this tool is available on mobile and desktop via its website which means you don’t need to download an app in order to get this either.

But getting into this platform, you really start to see the value of it as the site can generate a wide variety of posts similar to Canva – another great social media post creator I might add. You can create wall posters, desktop and phone wallpaper, greeting cards, as well as social media posts for a variety of platforms.

But what Quotes Cover does differently than Canva is that Quotes Cover also shows off what others have created. This incredible because you are free to download, share, and distribute this work as is. But what’s even better is that you are free to edit these posts meaning you can use other peoples designs or their quotes as inspiration for you to create something different. This may bother you or you may like it, you can decide.


Another alternative for post creation to consider is Stencil. It has the same kind of speed as Pablo in that everything you need to make a post is right in front of you. However the big differences is that Stencil provides a lot more.

It’s not that Pablo is a weak tool, however since Pablo is free, it’s a given that you’ll be running into the same quotes and using the same images after you’ve made a certain amount of posts. Stencil breaks that eventual staleness by doing the same thing, but offering significantly more.

Stencil offers:

  • Many images, fonts, quotes, icons and graphics available to pick from ensuring that you can make the right post for you.
  • Upload and storage for several logos. This allows you to use this tool for both clients or for your business.
  • Access to custom sizes ensuring there is some flexibility to the posts you are creating in cases where the pre-loaded sizes aren’t cutting it.
  • Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • And a premium version which grants you access to hundreds of templates that’ll make post generation faster.
  • This is only the tip of the iceberg as Stencil is loaded with additional features. To find them out, you’re going to have to see it for yourself.

Great Post Creation Tools For You

As you can see, there are many great tools out there that are going above and beyond scheduling and making images. Some of them can make images faster while others make the tools easily available with very little clicking. If you’re in a bind and need to generate a lot of content quickly, consider these options. They provide quality images, have access to many quotes, and making these posts will take literally minutes. What’s not to love about that?