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5 Reasons To Create Videos

With each passing year the amount of videos we consume grows. Already search engines are presenting more videos to us whenever we search for something and on Youtube several hundred hours of content is uploaded every minute! And remember, Google owns YouTube.

Despite the rapid growth of videos being a viable marketing strategy, many businesses are still reluctant to using video. Below are some solid reasons to dive into video these days.

Videos Make For Better Sales And Conversions

Even if you are new to videos, videos are great in growing your audience and turning them into conversions and customers. Just by putting a video talking about your product or service on a landing page, you are increasing conversions by 64%. This applies to almost any industry you are in.

And while these results are significant, if you take time thinking about it, these numbers aren’t all that shocking when you consider a few things. First is that our most dominant sense is vision. We process things like pictures – and video – much faster than reading text. It’s why for social media posts they tell us to post pictures and that rule applies the same for video.

Videos Today Are Cheaper, Easier, And Have Great ROI

In 2017 a survey conducted by Wyzowl found that 63% of businesses were using video as part of their marketing strategy. Out of those individuals, 83% of those businesses think that videos have given them a great ROI.

And when you look at the data I mentioned above and compare that to costs today in making videos, it’s not out of the question to make a return from making videos. These days there are basic video editing tools that continue to expand their functionality, higher end editing software is generally not that expensive, and even your own smartphone can make great videos as it is.

Another factor to make all of this easier is that you don’t need to sink a lot of money into this in general. That survey by Wyzowl also found that when people were put off from a video it wasn’t due to the design or budget quality. It was the actual content, i.e. the explanation of the product or service you’re providing. It’s the same concept as a pizza, even when it’s bad, if it’s presented well enough, it still looks pretty good and people will buy it. lol

It Builds A Lot Of Trust

One of the big reasons we make videos is that it builds trust. Trust is what gets people to consume content and eventually become a customer and fan. It’s also the literal foundation of everything content marketing and creating long-term relationships. This is the essence of marketing at its core. It’s not always about selling a product but letting people come to you via your interesting and useful content.

Schaefer Marketing Solutions has it well said:
   The new era demands a focus on ignition, not just content, on trust, not just traffic, and on the elite people in your audience who are spreading and advocating your content.

Videos are a gateway to that trust as it’s highly likely to engage individuals and cause us to feel particular emotions. It’s these emotions that cause us to want to follow certain individuals, continue to consume their content and to purchase whatever it is they are selling.

But one other thing to keep in mind is that videos don’t always have to be just pushing out information. Promotional videos of your products and services can build trust just as well. Even those who have watched or followed your content for a while can still be skeptical of buying from you and putting together a quick conversational video about your product or service can help alleviate those concerns. In fact, a study from 2012 found 57% of consumers had more confidence to purchase after watching those kinds of videos.

Videos Make Explaining Things Easier

Whether you are trying to explain difficult concepts or launching a new product or service, releasing a video to help with those instances helps dramatically. Putting together a quick video explaining how your product or service works is simple and for many users they’ll appreciate it. 98% of users who follow a particular product or service will watch that company’s video if that video is an explainer video talking about a service or product. It’s for this reason you’ve seen more companies putting explainer videos on their home page as it’s an effective tool.

For explaining difficult concepts you’ve got animated videos to help you. Even the most basic bare bones animations can bring concepts and ideas to life and explain things in less time than text. Furthermore animated videos are a fresher take to live videos and can put you a cut above other companies.

Videos Are Encouraged On Many Social Media Platforms

Outside of posting content on YouTube, other social media platforms favour videos significantly more than other posts. You definitely see that in action when you look at how video was integrated into each platform over the years. Facebook boosts videos significantly and eventually included Live Video features as well as Stories. Instagram is wildly popular now thanks to its Stories feature and its inclusion of video for posts. Even YouTube is still the second most popular social network around. Also keep in mind that natively uploading a video to Facebook is different than posting a link to a YouTube video.

All around videos are pushed heavily because social media platforms have recognized just how powerful videos can be. The most notable is that videos get more engagement and shares. 76% of people have stated they’d share a branded video with others if they found it entertaining. And that’s fantastic for businesses as that expands potential traffic which could potentially result in conversions and sales for you.

Creating Videos Is A No Brainer

Making videos is not all that difficult and there is plenty of data out there showing a surprising amount of growth. Best of all, jumping into videos now is not that big of a risk as most of the world is looking to consume more and more videos in the years to come. That’s not to say you should abandon other forms of content, however it’s not that bad of an idea to seriously consider adding videos into your business today.