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7 Security Software Apps For Your Phone

The number of security threats is massive and ever growing. It’s easier for people to become hackers, spread viruses, malware and trojans to others than before. And technology has expanded so much to the point that the damages can be frequent, costly, and affect many people.

So what can we do about it?

Well, since we use our phones far more, it’s important that we take some extra precautions to boost our security. There are particular habits that we can adopt, but we can also turn to security apps to better protect our smartphones. Here are some suggestions.

360 Mobile Security

Before getting too far in, one thing I’ll note is that most of these apps are Android exclusive. The reason for that is because Android has always left their phones as an open source. Compared to Apple and Window’s having more restrictions, their phones aren’t going to subject to many infections.

To put that into perspective, consider what this app is designed to do. Because it’s for Android, the apps and the platform itself is open to more creativity. This app in particular is great if you notice any sign of malware infection.

Users have reported that the experience overall is cleaner and more pleasant than others. It also helps that the app is free too.

The only catch is that this app is trying to be an all-in-one app. Again, the company is flexing it’s creative power. The only issue is that a lot of the features – aside from the security features – are sub-par or unnecessary.

So if you go for this, focus more on the security features and worry less about all the other features.

Avast Mobile Security

Even though 360 is solid, Avast has had a track record of outputting some of the top antivirus apps for Android. It’s similar to 360 in that it is an all-in-one solution, but it does that job much better.

This app is so good, it looks at angles that you wouldn’t have even thought of. You’ve got trojan removal, malware blocking, malware scanning, phishing protection, and is available in over 20 languages. It’s a good second option if you’re not warmed up to the idea of 360.

Hotspot Shield VPN

VPN’s in general are great in protecting yourself when out in public. But much like everything, if you want good quality services, the more you ought to pay for it. This is the case with this particular app.

It’s a Freemium app so you can use it for free without any worry. Out of the various free VPN’s available, this is a solid choice. It encrypts web traffic, circumvent regional blocks on websites and videos as well.

But if you want the higher security, you can consider their paid version. For $30 every year, you get ad-free browsing, and cloud-based malware protection. There are better options for paid versions, but if you need the extra protection and don’t want to pay too much, it’s an option.

CM Security AppLock

The last Android security app I want to cover is CM Security AppLock. With millions of reviews, the average rating is still around the 4.7 rating. If you are planning on installing any security app at all, this is a great option.

As the name suggests, the app is able to lock certain features of the other apps on your phone and even features on your phone too. The app is able to lock down mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other Android settings. As for the apps themselves they can lock down select apps completely.

Once you lock them, they become inaccessible until you input the proper PIN. Any failed attempts lead to the phone taking a picture and an email being sent to you.

Also if you have more recent models of phones, you can also unlock through fingerprint analysis.

Avira Mobile Security

As mentioned, Apple and Windows products aren’t prone to as many security threats. But that doesn’t mean they will never happen. With this in mind, one app that I’d suggest you install on your iPhone would be Avira.

It’s free to install and is filled with all kinds of useful features. The only big drawback to this is that the mobile version isn’t as malware-hunting focused when compared to the desktop version.

But again, that’s compensated for having all kinds of solid features. These features include:

  • Identity safeguard
  • Backs up contacts
  • Phishing protection
  • Monitoring reports
  • And anti-theft module.

As you can see, it protects you on several layers from just about anything.


While Window’s has tight security, the market for Windows security apps is limited. It’s only got 4 percent of the market in terms of security apps so the pickings are slim. You may find yourself having to download a mishmash of apps to provide full security.

To help with that, one app that’s great for personal use is Authenticator. At the moment, two-factor authentication isn’t a staple in people’s lives let alone their phones. This app allows you to set that app with ease.

You come up with security codes for accounts or apps that allow you two-factor authentication. This app also supports one-time password apps too.


Are you someone who sends files or images on your phone? Do you want your texts and voices messages to be more secure? This is a good app as it encrypts all of those things. You have an option between encrypting them as well as making them PIN protected too.

Get Some Security Software Apps

Regardless of what device you are on, there is always a risk of getting attacked in some fashion. In an age where breaches are a common occurrence, anyone can be a victim. The best we can do is take some security measures on our computers but also our phones as well. As you can tell, there are a lot of options to consider.