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5 Reasons To Consider A Cybersecurity Position

These days are the best days for people to become cybersecurity experts. I say this because when looking at this industry, you see growth, but also a large potential for growth due to them lacking a very vital piece.

More people to take on cybersecurity roles.

It is one of the glaring problems today in the cybersecurity world. So much so that there are several reasons to consider taking on this task over any other position. Consider the following reasons for why people should consider these positions.

Looking At The Job Itself

According to Forbes a contributor stated the cybersecurity market was an estimated $75 billion. This would grow to $170 billion by this year. While that’s excessive, you do need to consider other factors.

First, about 75% of security professionals have stated they don’t have enough staff to defend companies against threats. That makes sense when you consider that many cybersecurity jobs are left open. Hundreds of thousands of them.

While this is disheartening, you can turn this scenario around. Not only is there a lot of money to be made, chances are high that you’ll get a job quickly and not be subject to being replaced in a matter of months or years down the road. In other words, you’ll be paid well and have the most secure and stable job in a world that is diving into automation and replacing many jobs.

You’ll Be Working For A Cause

One of the things with work for some people is they want to be useful and worth something. Many people today feel like cogs to a large machine and don’t really know their purpose. When it comes to cybersecurity though, there is a lot of clarity behind it.

Your job is to prevent breaches and ensure everything runs smoothly. And while many people brush off cybersecurity, those who have gone through breaches and felt the impact know how important this is to businesses.

Breaches today are common and hackers are attacking many people. Individuals, small businesses, and are now attacking larger companies. In recent years companies like Home Depot, eBay, Sony, Target, and many other stores have been hit and hackers gained access to millions of records they could sell on the dark web.

By getting a job in cybersecurity, you’ll be working for a specific reason to prevent more damage being done and that’s significant for people. Especially those who want a job that will make a difference.

There Is Room For Advancement

For those who want to be climbing the ladder so to speak there is a lot of potential for that in cybersecurity. This is an interesting industry where there is always new things to uncover. Yes, the main discipline is teaching security to other people, but it links to all of the other IT skill sets around.

You can hop between forensics or application security or incident responses amongst others. Often those roles rest on the shoulders of generalists, but companies are trying to scale the workload up and out. So there is a lot of potential for people to take on different roles should they be interested in learning other fields.

Even if you settle with one field though, that field is always expanding so there is never a moment where you won’t learn anything.

More Program Variety

Because there is a huge need for cybersecurity professionals, governments have been stepping in to create or fund various programs. Many universities today have flexible cybersecurity programs compared to other programs.

Some have taken unique approaches like Singapore. They created a government agency and created challenges and programs to train the next generation of cybersecurity specialists. Other universities have taken efforts in creating online courses.

Cybersecurity Presents Puzzles

Call them challenges or puzzles, but cybersecurity has many ways for us to be learning and they can be very fun. One of the key things about cybersecurity is that there is no such thing as 100% secure. Since systems are developed by people, there will always be vulnerabilities and we will need to look for those weaknesses and build from them.

Consider the role of white-hat hackers. These are hackers who’s job is break the very security systems that are put in place. These hackers will come up with all kinds of unique strategies and attack systems from various angles to find weak spots.

Even if you’re not playing the role of a hacker, the challenges are to ensure that what you are doing is enough to protect whatever it is you are protecting. And if you run into problems, then it’s a puzzle to solve.

All in all, it can present a lot of excitement and joy for people. So long as you are doing these things in non-stressful circumstances of course.

Consider Cybersecurity Jobs

With solid programs, good job security and financial prosperity, as well as enjoyable and meaningful work, it’s well worth considering a position in cybersecurity these days. This is only the tip of the iceberg as there are several other reasons to consider it.

If you’re not quite sure where you want to go career-wise, this is something I’d suggest you consider. There is a huge need for individuals in this industry and it’s well worth thinking about it.