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The Big Tech Reset of 2020

Here is a copy of my contribution to a colleague’s new eBook recently released. You can obtain a free copy of Bob Hooey’s “Pivot to Present” eBook with many other idea-rich strategies to deliver your virtual message with impact.

virtual meeting


2020 has been an interesting year, so far. Many feel there was a big reset button pressed on everything in life. As the new normal is emerging, we are discovering communication with family, friends, and for business is taking new shape. Many people scrambled to get their technology back to a reasonable working level in terms of video conferencing capabilities. This means good quality video (webcam), solid audio (microphone), reliable connection (Internet), and decent bones running the communication software (fast laptop or desktop).

Zoom has become a verb implying connecting with people by video, though several are using it for audio only as well. Many wonder which platform is the best: Zoom vs Google Meet (Hangouts) vs Microsoft Teams vs Cisco WebEx vs Skype …

Use the platform your clients/family/friends are most comfortable with. Good customer service in business and how you get new clients is by making things as easy as possible for them and solving their problems. Don’t force your technology upon someone else if they seem apprehensive. Yes, we all think “our” solution is so easy, but many fear the unknown. This is one more roadblock for them becoming a potential new client or contact of yours.

When someone agrees to a virtual meeting, send them a calendar invite that includes the video link. Provide everything to them on a silver platter so it is as easy as
possible. Ensure you are on time and you are professional. This includes what your own camera is viewing: good lightning, reduce background distractions, what you are wearing, the quality of your video and audio. Ensure your Internet connection does well for the video session and consider connecting your device with a wired ethernet cable to your Internet router instead of Wi-Fi. Make sure others in your household aren’t watching Netflix at the moment which congests your connection to the Internet and will make your video & audio lower quality. Test any changes you make; this is easy by having a quick session with a friend or colleague before your important meeting.

With the constant advancements in technology, it is recommended to be part of a group such as a mastermind. This trusted group of peers is great for asking questions, brainstorming, keeping up on latest tips & tricks, and giving feedback. They can be the ones who help recommend and test new technologies. Have a regular monthly Zoom session with your group that is always carved away in your calendar. For your first session, have everyone bring one single tip they would think everyone should know such as a website, an app, a gadget, or any life hack. Keep it brief and fun.