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What Cybersecurity is Looking Like in 2021 and in the Future

Cybersecurity is a growing and ever changing industry in the tech world. While it has plenty of issues that it needs to continue to address, there are several developments in this space that are remarkable.

For those that are curious, here are some of the themes that have emerged from the industry and analysts have predicted to emerge in the future.

Higher Cybersecurity Dependence

Cybersecurity Ventures has predicted that the financial damages for cybercrime will be expected to reach $6 trillion by the end of this year. There have also been a number of studies showing that cyberattacks are the fastest-growing crimes in North America as well.

Because all these threats are expected to not die down any time soon, cybersecurity is taking more precedence than before. In fact, people have learned to be more dependent on these systems.

After all, for many businesses this is costing them severely and taking more protective measures will mitigate the number of victims and larger financial losses.

Growing Price of Cyber Risk

According to an Atlas VPN report, governments have been routinely ramping up spending in handling cybercrime year after year. But despite these efforts, the report revealed that twenty percent of organizations worldwide don’t have any plans in place to prevent cybercrimes from happening.

This in turn allows attackers access to steal more money than they have before.

The best kind of defense moving forward at this point is to put more effort in passing legislation to bolster technological defenses. Beyond that, it’ll be smart to look into enhancing cloud protection as well as there are more attacks in velocity and scale occurring against these systems.

IT Needs to Focus More on the Cloud

Due to the pandemic, more cyber attacks occurred due in part to poor training among office workers and inadequate IT surveillance.

IT officials aren’t solely to blame here though. With businesses moving to remote working, a lot of the training that some IT specialists have is thrown out the window. Businesses are moving out of the office – and eliminating them entirely – and moving to the cloud.

As such, it’s key for specialists to focus on supporting the new models that businesses are adopting as well and less on office networks.

Ransomware Threats

We’ve seen time and again the rise of ransomware attacks and the next year is not going to be any different. Businesses today should be highly concerned about these threats and should invest in security solutions to reduce the risks.

Being More Understanding in the Fight

One of the grim truths that many cybersecurity officials have to face these days is the hackers they are up against are likely people that won’t be stopped entirely. They’re likely part of an organized crime gang that could be sanctioned by foreign nations. As such, the best kind of defense against these types is make the attack process as difficult as possible for them.

Beyond that, coming to terms that security can’t be 100% maintained, can lead to people prioritizing minimizing impacts when they do happen. This in turn can speed up the response and recovery time as well.

More Education

One of the unspoken safeguards to cybersecurity assaults is through education. Extending this to those beyond the IT department allows people to be more aware of safe computer use. This is a more strategic choice as opposed to trying to recruit more computer specialists to pursue cybersecurity.