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How has GPS Technology Changed Our Lives?

Every single day, technology makes leaps and bounds that impact many people’s lives. And of course, technology continues to be updated as well. People can easily see that in the form of the Global Positioning Systems and navigators.

Today, drivers don’t need to handle oversized road maps when visiting new places, locating loved ones, or getting to various towns. All of it is made easier through GPS applications on cellphones or through specifically crafted GPSes.

But beyond navigation, GPS technology has changed lives in a dramatic way. More than what people realize.

It’s Allowed Personal Tracking

Personal GPS tracking allows people to keep up with family members for various personal reasons. Whether it’s for medical emergencies, location sharing, or other reasons, these compact devices can be concealed in jackets, purses backpacks, or through applications.

There are also vehicle trackers that can be used for family vehicles or even company vehicles for deliveries or transferring products. Those trackers are the reason people can now get real-time updates on the whereabouts and speed of vehicles after placing online orders.

GPS Tracking Assets And People

Companies can use GPS tracking to also track goods. These trackers operate through cellular networks to accurately locate where they are. They also come with long-lasting battery life which helps since personal assets could be on the move.

There are also GPS trackers that can be used on people for various reasons. Aside from the reasons mentioned above, other scenarios could entail tracking teens driving or general whereabouts. They can also be used to locate personal belongings like car keys or wallet.


In the early stages of GPS navigation, there were some inaccuracies with it. However, over the years, GPS technology has grown more sophisticated. Navigation systems can account for weather and traffic conditions or when detours are needed and compiles that information to deliver a direct route to where people want to go.

With a few presses of buttons, navigation has become effortless, convenient, and simple.


Not only can GPSes track locations, but they can also provide performance data. Many running watches and apps use GPS data to show distances ran, calories burnt, and the terrain conditions, amongst many other pieces of information.

Anti-Theft & Criminals

With all of this tracking, one would think this is an easy way to stalk individuals. While that is true, GPS has all around improved safety for people in general. It’s harder these days to have a mobile phone, car or laptop stolen because it’s being tracked constantly.

Owners now can pinpoint the exact location of stolen items pretty easily.

Furthermore, this technology can also be used to track down individuals who have broken the law. For example, those who are on house arrest will have a tracker on their person. GPS allows law enforcement to be more aware of situations.

GPS Is Used For Many Things

The data that GPSes gather is incredible and is versatile in its use. As a result, it has enriched the lives of so many people in various ways. And without a doubt, this technology is going to provide further conveniences in the future.