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The Best Podcast Apps for your iPhone and Android Devices

One of the greatest developments and resurgence in technology is podcasts. They first gained traction in 2004, and now it seems like everyone is listening to them, wanting to have one, or has made one. Beyond that, listening to something entertaining or interesting, whenever you like to and wherever you are, sounds amazing.

That same philosophy is something that should also apply to those who make these as well. Many people believe there is a wide selection of apps that get users to listen and even record podcasts. These apps that have been selected offer extensive suites of top-quality features, ensuring the experience as listeners or as podcasters is smooth and effortless.

Best Podcast Listening Apps For IOS & Android

There is a wide selection of podcast listening apps available and they all serve the same purpose. That said, there are some small differences between the various platforms that users can pick from. Here is a summary of each one:

  • Spotify. It’s free but has a premium version for $9.99/month. Its main difference is it provides further curation by offering a daily personalized playlist of news updates, podcasts, and music.
  • PlayerFM. It’s free and the premium offers cross-device syncing and ad-free listening. It allows for video podcasts and if the podcast isn’t there, it can be uploaded via an RSS feed.
  • Google Podcasts. It’s also free and is one of the better free versions. The interface is clean, it skips over silences and allows for faster playback speeds. It also has smart audio playlists and import functionality with RSS feeds.
  • Pocket Casts. Another free option, the main sell is cross-device syncing along with search filters to make search results more personalized for users.
  • Stitcher. Free with a $4.99/month subscription to remove ads. This platform makes organizing and listening a breeze with users being able to group podcasts together and offers a simple interface.
  • PodBean. Free too, this platform makes listening easy with audio live streaming, and normalizing audio volume.
  • Castbox. Free with their premium offering perks like removing subscription limits, homepage customization, and priority for customer support. This platform leverages AI and automation, allowing users to perform in-audio searches and get recommendations from a very smart AI.
  • Amazon Music. Free with their Unlimited version at $9.99/month offering options to follow, ad-free access, and unlimited skips. The main sell is Amazon has access to over 70,000 shows and 50 million songs, making it the most convenient spot. Note that Prime members do need to pay extra for this.
  • Audible Plus. Free to download, the upgraded version at $7.95/month offers their whole catalogue of podcasts and ad-free listening. It’s an excellent source for audiobooks and podcasts.

Best Podcast Apps for iOS

Exclusively for iOS users, there are several exclusive app options for these users including:

  • Apple Podcasts. It’s available by default and it’s very handy and convenient to use. It offers users custom group shows and the opportunity to support podcasts by becoming a paid subscriber through the app as well.
  • Castro. Free, but offers a $18.99/year Premium version for additional features. The base version offers an inbox and queue system which makes it easy for users to listen to episodes they haven’t listened to. Premium features are smart speed and voice boost which cuts out silences in podcasts and balances audio to compensate for recording quality respectively.
  • ListenApp. Costs $2.99 to download, it gives users access to podcasts and communities, creating and sharing podcast snippets and audio stories, and also allows users to attend live events.
  • PodCruncher. Costs $2.99 to download, it allows users to watch video podcasts and is all around a functional and straightforward app. Ideal for those who want to listen and do nothing else.

Best Podcast Apps for Android

Exclusive to Android, here are some of the best apps to consider using:

  • Podcast Addict. Free to use, it has highly customizable settings and users can search by language too.
  • Podcast Republic. Free to use and offers an in-app one time purchase of $1.99 to make it ad-free. This app provides a hub for podcasts, audio books, and RSS news/blog feeds. Users can also bookmark segments for later with audio bookmarking and can also customize skip intervals that can cut out irrelevant intros and outros.

Best Podcast Recording Apps

For those looking to record their own podcasts, there are platforms out there for podcasters to grow. Some of the options to consider are:

  • riverside.fm. Free but has a paid plan starting at $15/month. This app allows users to record from anywhere, record video podcasts, records locally, does progressive uploading and livestream functionality.
  • Anchor. Spotify’s iOS and Android podcast recording app, it’s user-friendly and makes recording simple. It’s easy to create, distribute, and even make money from it through this platform.
  • Spreaker Studio. Recording, editing and publishing can all be done through users’ phones. It also offers live stream functionality.
  • Podbean. Another recording podcast tool, this provides great analytical tools to also give users a review of how a podcast is performing. Excellent for those who want to exclusively do audio podcasts.