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Top Emerging Technology Trends in 2023

Technology plays a big role in our personal and professional lives. It’s a marvel to see how much technology can impact our lives. But the most appealing aspect is that technology continues to grow as more and more trends emerge. Below is a list of some of the many leading trends that will emerge in the IT field in 2023.

Accelerated Digital Transformation (ADT)

Before the pandemic, technology was growing steadily and so was digitalization. As a result of the worldwide lockdown shifting working and studying, ADT had to be arranged in industries far beyond technology.

Ubiquitous AI

People have been using AI for quite some time through AI data processing, facial and speech recognition. AI is now capable of assisting with grocery shopping, exercising, or performing medical procedures. AI will become sophisticated over time and be used to further enhance our lives.

Alternatives To Cloud Computing

Slow and steady alternatives to cloud computing – such as edge and fog computing – are appearing one after the other. There is already appeal to it as data processing is easier and faster through these methods.

Better Chatbots

Particularly ones based on advanced AI will continue to learn and be further effective in what they do. Overall chatbots will become steadily better over the next year as AI becomes more normalized and popular.

Smarter Devices

AI home robots, appliances, wearables, work devices and more — the leaps and bounds in technology will see all around improvements in many areas. These devices also enhance work life since they require individuals to have good proficiency in IT and automation.

Machine Learning

A subset of AI, one can expect this trend to continue to grow as AI is slowly engrained in every part of our lives and in various industries. There will be more demand for skilled professionals in this area as well. As a result, AI, machine learning, and automation to an extent will create 9 percent of new jobs by 2025.

Digital Trust

With more devices in the home and work place, and people used to the abundance of devices, confidence and trust have been growing steadily towards digital technologies. This aspect is a big trend as many believe this will result in companies being more innovative.

Ultimately, people are putting more faith into companies to make secure, safe, and reliable digital products.

New Energy Solutions

With environmental concerns rising, technology is becoming crucial in making the world greener in several aspects. One is for improvement in landscapes, and the other is in the energy that’s being used.

We’re seeing this in electric vehicles as well as batteries and homes generating renewable energy. However, technology will enhance that by allowing us to be more informed of carbon footprints and waste.


Even though many associate this technology with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the technology itself is robust and offers strong security features in many ways. Blockchain is essentially data that can be added onto and will stay there permanently. No further edits can be done, nor can it be removed.

It’s this aspect that makes it such a secure form of technology and it can be implemented in various manners. To begin, implementing blockchain can remove the need of trusted third parties to oversee or validate transactions.


While it might not feel like an emerging trend, it does continue to evolve as other technologies are being introduced. With each new change, new threats emerge and so cybersecurity is a malleable and forever changing trend.

It is still in very high in demand as the various cyberattacks that have hit headlines this past year make it clear companies and individuals need to be cybersecurity savvy or to have a team to help solve their cybersecurity problems.