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Why Remote Workers are Often Forgotten

Choosing between working remotely and working from the office, many companies are opting for a middle of the road approach. As more and more companies are making that hybrid decision, those same companies are faced with several unique issues. One problem is one around recognition.

A report conducted by Benefex found:

  • 79% believe employee experience is more important now than it was last year
  • 83% believe a recognition program is a consideration when picking an employer
  • 88% wish to recognize colleagues for both their efforts and successes
  • 75% have no employee experience platform in place

This is crucial as current presenteeism standards tend to marginalize remote worker groups. Another study reinforced this and found that:

  • 46% of employees surveyed felt the pressure to be “present” since working from home
  • 24% felt the urge to prove they were working every single day

A growing group of remote workers are creating a culture where they overwork themselves for little or no thanks for the work they do. This damages their wellbeing and impacts the employee experience.

The Value Behind A Thank You

Similar to many downsides to remote working teams, a lot of the cons can be mitigated through proper recognition. In this case having a formal – or informal – recognition system in place can help. These systems can also be used to reinforce company values which is crucial now more than ever.

The Duty Falls On Managers

Fortunately, many managers are stepping up and making adjustments to accommodate remote workers. To start, managers know that employees receiving recognition from direct superiors is very effective. However, remote workers also feel less recognized from people that they manage and from executive leadership in their organization.

As a result, managers are facing a unique situation with ongoing retention and recruitment struggles. As businesses continue to encourage remote options, they will also have to follow that up with the right implementations. Paying attention to the small details is more important than ever and creating a unified system to facilitate recognition is easier said than done.

Focus More On Small Things

It can be challenging for employers, especially when dealing with online systems and now time zones. A lot of these challenges can be mitigated through connected platforms. Businesses will need to make a point of expanding on them to ensure these platforms are used and employees are motivated and engaged with them.

What the Benefex report highlights above all else is the need for change is necessary. For any business looking to delve into remote working, it’s important that there is some system in place to recognize its employees.