David Papp

Cyber Insurance Costs in Canada Are Impacted by These Factors

As Canadian businesses are increasingly targeted in cyberattacks, many are turning to cybersecurity insurance to mitigate risk, according to a recent study conducted by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). The survey, which included a national representative sample of 510 cybersecurity “decision-makers,” discovered that nearly 60% of businesses in the country have purchased cyber insurance …

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Vintage Products Making a Comeback

Vinyls on shelf

In today’s world, people are constantly connected to the digital ethos through their smartphones and social media. While these platforms have brought many benefits and opportunities, they have also created an overwhelming amount of information and constant distractions. As a result, many people are finding themselves feeling overwhelmed and looking for ways to disconnect and …

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Ransomware Backup Best Practices

How Can Backup Assist in the Prevention of Ransomware? Ransomware attacks infect systems before encrypting files and folders, preventing access to critical systems and data. Following that, threat actors demand a ransom, typically in cryptocurrency, in exchange for a decryption key that grants access. Many ransomware attacks are successful because the malware can disable backup …

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Why Remote Workers are Often Forgotten

Office desk with headset and pc. Call center support table. Blue toned

Choosing between working remotely and working from the office, many companies are opting for a middle of the road approach. As more and more companies are making that hybrid decision, those same companies are faced with several unique issues. One problem is one around recognition. A report conducted by Benefex found: 79% believe employee experience …

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