Quick way to send large files for free

Quick way to send large files for free

As transcribed from my video https://youtu.be/0X75Eg4gdpc

“Frequently I need to send out large files to people. What many don’t realize is most email servers have issues with file attachments above 10 megabytes. Here is something for you to consider.

All of the different networks have their own flavor that you can use. You’ve got Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/, OneDrive by Microsoft https://onedrive.live.com/, Google Drive https://www.google.com/drive/, and Apple iCloud https://www.icloud.com/.

Large File Sharing wetransfer

There’s another website that you should be aware of, and it’s called https://wetransfer.com/ It’s great because you don’t have to register for it, you don’t need an account, all you do is you put in an email address of where you want to send the large files and then you just upload the files.

You can upload as many as you want, up to 2GB (gigabytes) total limit. But you can do it multiple times if you have many files that you want to send. You have the ability to either send the large files with the link to somebody by email so they can click on it and download it, or you could have the ability to display that link to yourself and then you email that off to perhaps a group of people.

They also have a subscription version where you can send up to 20GB at once and also store files, even password protect them and set when they expire. Thsi is a great website that you should check out if you need to send large files.”

Easily create a free privacy policy. Every website needs one!

Easily create a free privacy policy. Every website needs one!

As transcribed from my video https://youtu.be/wXnRp9pb9TI

“It is important to have a privacy policy on your website due to Google ranking algorithm changes, GDPR, and to protect yourself.

Do you have a website? Do you have a privacy policy? Does it really matter? Google’s making this a part of the search engine ranking algorithm. And it’s becoming very important just to protect yourself. Think of the European Union GDPR that was pushed out last year.

Privacy Policy need Search Rank

You can go to the website https://www.freeprivacypolicy.com/, and it will create one for free, just like the name implies. It covers off things like GDPR, California Online Privacy Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulation, Google AdWords requirements to have a privacy policy, personal identifiable information, the Federal Trade Commission, and fair information practices.

It has all these check-boxes that you go through when you generate your free privacy policy, spits it out, and it looks great. You can insert this into your website, and you’ve got yourself an instant privacy policy to help ensure that you’re protected, and also that you’re better ranked when it comes to Google.”

Design images easily with this website and iOS & Android app

Design images easily with this website and iOS & Android app

As transcribed from my video https://youtu.be/YKeWDwGuZYM

“Here’s a great tool called Canva https://www.canva.com/. It comes in the form of the website as well as a mobile apps (iOS and Android) that you can use on your phone. It’s amazing.

E5 Canva easy image creation

There are templates, all sorts of photos and images you can do, social media icons, graphs. All sorts of great stuff with different sizes, pre-arranged, that you can save and apply on your different social medias accounts, on your blog posts, on your video thumbnails. Absolutely invaluable tool to have.

If you are a bit design challenged or don’t need the full blown Adobe Photoshop suite, this is something that is really quick and easy to use. Canva is something that you should check out.”

Got a great idea? How to map out your mind.

Got a great idea? How to map out your mind.

As transcribed from my video https://youtu.be/HUdB1CiAioA

“Have you ever sat down and you’ve got this great idea but you need to figure out all the elements in play? There’s are amazing different software out there called Mind Mapping. Specifically, one that comes to mind that I’ve used is https://coggle.it/

Cool Site Spotlight Mind mapping Coggle David Papp

Coggle has a free plan, where you can have three private diagrams and unlimited number of public diagrams. You can create flow charts where you just branch out and have your ideas and just start typing stuff out. And then it can give you the diagram at the end that you can print out and use, and share with your team.

This is a quick great tool to share it with your friends or have it down on paper.”