How to Avoid Shaky Smartphone Videos

Options For Avoiding Shaky Cameras

As transcribed from my video: https://youtu.be/aDiDzkPpsd0 “What kind of selfie stick should you purchase in order to get better video? And why would we do that? We call that the shaky cam effect where you’re doing a self-recording of a video and you are hand holding the camera

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Is it safe to use your credit card for online purchases

Is It Safe To Use Your Credit Card

As transcribed from my video: https://youtu.be/_43ytWh_mxM “I get asked frequently about the security and safety of using credit cards for payment. There’s physical payments, where you’re actually in person making a purchase, and then online payments. Let’s talk about physical payments. Is it safe to use tap

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Lak Padem talks about Recruiting and his view on Technology

Mtek Digital

Lak provides his thoughts on recruiting solutions and the tools that make his work and life better, as well as some of the things that he looks forward to one day! Lak’s Toolbox mentioned in this video: → Bullhorn www.bullhorn.com → Glip www.glip.com → Indeed www.Indeed.com →

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How to choose a cheap mic for your smartphone videos

A Cheap Mic for great audio recording on your smartphone

As transcribed from my video: https://youtu.be/2DA3m3Axa98 “One question I get asked frequently is about audio. We’ve all heard that the built-in microphones on most phones don’t quite sound as dialed in as they should be. The video is quite great on a lot of smartphones, for quality.

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Stop using a laptop for presentations. Use your phone instead!


As transcribed from my video: https://youtu.be/HP_Ta0YCDQY “I’ve been asked many times by people what kind of equipment that I use when I go out and I make presentations. I used to carry a Windows laptop, and that was a mistake. You’d go and you be ready for

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Screen time and protecting kids online

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