Neat Portable Scanner

“Very handy light and compact scanner to bring along on trips!” The neat portable scanner is another tool has recently been made part of my road warrior arsenal. Having a scanner on hand is great when you need to send information back to people quickly, scan in something, and send it off. It can accommodate …

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Fraudulent and Annoying Solicitations

Being the owner of a company, I receive many irritating calls per day from companies trying trying to either gain my business or scam me. Special rewards and promotions, cheaper overseas work, & discounts. Some are bold and indicate they are from a survey company or some well known company asking to update their records. …

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#BirdCam: Social Media Experiment Part 2


View related posts: #BirdCam: A Social Media Experiment #BirdCam: Social Media Experiment Part 2 #BirdCam: How does it work? The #BirdCam Social Media Experiment Final Recap Interestingly, the robin’s are back with a new batch of 4 eggs in the same nest. I hadn’t removed my webcam so I just needed to power everything back …

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