Easily create a free privacy policy. Every website needs one!

Easily create a free privacy policy. Every website needs one!

As transcribed from my video https://youtu.be/wXnRp9pb9TI

“It is important to have a privacy policy on your website due to Google ranking algorithm changes, GDPR, and to protect yourself.

Do you have a website? Do you have a privacy policy? Does it really matter? Google’s making this a part of the search engine ranking algorithm. And it’s becoming very important just to protect yourself. Think of the European Union GDPR that was pushed out last year.

Privacy Policy need Search Rank

You can go to the website https://www.freeprivacypolicy.com/, and it will create one for free, just like the name implies. It covers off things like GDPR, California Online Privacy Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulation, Google AdWords requirements to have a privacy policy, personal identifiable information, the Federal Trade Commission, and fair information practices.

It has all these check-boxes that you go through when you generate your free privacy policy, spits it out, and it looks great. You can insert this into your website, and you’ve got yourself an instant privacy policy to help ensure that you’re protected, and also that you’re better ranked when it comes to Google.”

Design images easily with this website and iOS & Android app

Design images easily with this website and iOS & Android app

As transcribed from my video https://youtu.be/YKeWDwGuZYM

“Here’s a great tool called Canva https://www.canva.com/. It comes in the form of the website as well as a mobile apps (iOS and Android) that you can use on your phone. It’s amazing.

E5 Canva easy image creation

There are templates, all sorts of photos and images you can do, social media icons, graphs. All sorts of great stuff with different sizes, pre-arranged, that you can save and apply on your different social medias accounts, on your blog posts, on your video thumbnails. Absolutely invaluable tool to have.

If you are a bit design challenged or don’t need the full blown Adobe Photoshop suite, this is something that is really quick and easy to use. Canva is something that you should check out.”

Got a great idea? How to map out your mind.

Got a great idea? How to map out your mind.

As transcribed from my video https://youtu.be/HUdB1CiAioA

“Have you ever sat down and you’ve got this great idea but you need to figure out all the elements in play? There’s are amazing different software out there called Mind Mapping. Specifically, one that comes to mind that I’ve used is https://coggle.it/

Cool Site Spotlight Mind mapping Coggle David Papp

Coggle has a free plan, where you can have three private diagrams and unlimited number of public diagrams. You can create flow charts where you just branch out and have your ideas and just start typing stuff out. And then it can give you the diagram at the end that you can print out and use, and share with your team.

This is a quick great tool to share it with your friends or have it down on paper.”

How to find great colors that work well together

How to find great colors that work well together

As transcribed from my video https://youtu.be/RLNoSYFbmp8

“Is your design sense somewhat challenged at times? Here are some great websites to check out.

Cool Site Spotlight E3 Finding Color Palettes Design Colour David Papp

There’s a website called design-seeds.com which is amazing where basically you can explore by color, by collection, by the seasons of nature, and different kind of use. What they do is they show you a sample photo like a landscape scene, and then they show you all of the colors in that color palette so you know that those are the colors that appear and  are very complementary to each other. So you don’t even have guess, they’re telling you.

Another great website is by Adobe. They call it color.Adobe.com. Amazing website that you can see what’s currently trending, what are the popular color palettes the people are saving on their website. And see these sets of five colors that work well together.

If you’re like me and a bit design challenged, when it comes to choosing colors and you want it to look great, these are some great sites that you can go for some inspiration and use some of the colors that are suggested in those Palettes.”

What to talk about in your online posts

What to talk about in your online posts

As transcribed from my video https://youtu.be/QKoUrwomZwA

“Have you ever wondered what to talk about on your blog post, your videos, and those social media posts that you put out there? There are some great websites that can help you out.

One of them is trends.google.com. When you go to the Trends website for Google, you can actually see what’s trending worldwide. What are the hot topics? You can drill it down by geography, country, certain topics and actually see what are the hot topics that people are talking about.

A second website that is absolutely amazing and it’s going to look a little weird when you land on it, it’s answerthepublic.com. Answer the Public has this guy on the cover who comes on the screen but you basically put in any kind of topic, like leadership, and it gives you all of the top questions that you could use in order to title your blog. These are common queries from people.

Another great one that I love is title-generator.com which comes up with like 700 headlines that you can use, again based on a word. You just pop it in there, and it gets you some headlines.

These are all free tools and you’ve got all these amazing ideas.

Last but not least, another great one is the Google Auto-Complete. You know how you just start typing something in the Google Search and then as you’re typing it in, it starts completing your sentence? You can use that as well because Google is telling you what the top search terms are based around that keyword.

These are some great, amazing, free tools that you can use in order to help you figure out what are some great headlines, titles, and topics for your posts that you can use for the stuff that you’re putting online.”