Cyber Insurers are Raising Premiums and Lowering Coverage Limits

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The insurance industry has slowed cyber coverage despite rising demand, owing to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing severity and frequency of ransomware attacks. Carriers are raising premiums – some by as much as 300% at renewal – and reducing coverage limits in sectors that have been struck the worst by cyber crime …

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Beauty Filters on Social Media have an Impact on Mental Health

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Let’s discuss social media. If you use Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok, you’ve probably experimented with the filters on these applications. Filters may be entertaining, especially those that transform you into Pixar characters or give you a completely new look. They can even make us feel seen and lovely, such as the TikTok Belle filter, which …

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Reworking Office Space in Canada Post-Pandemic

Downtown cores across the country are still dealing with the aftereffects of widespread lockdowns during the pandemic, which prompted many companies to quickly shift their workforce from downtown offices to working from home. This has undoubtedly disrupted the traditional office workplace as we once knew it, and it’s safe to say that today’s workforce could …

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Cloud Computing is the Future

Our heads are all in the clouds these days. And, like the clouds above us, a few patterns and formations have begun to dominate. However, unlike the cirrus and cumulus formations we see in the sky, the shapes in cloud computing trends look an awful lot like what we’ve seen in tech over the past …

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