How To Have Better Online Meetings

One of the biggest inconveniences that COVID-19 has caused for businesses is the many meetings and in-person events that were planned. As a result, companies are forced to adapt and move entirely online or cancel events.

Not only that, but we’re not sure how long these sort of conditions are going to last. While Canada itself has passed the peak of cases, there are other countries that are still struggling. Overall, it looks like workshops and online meetings are going to be more common for all of us.

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10 Tips For Successful Conference Calls

This pandemic has caused many businesses to make changes to how they conduct business. Out of the many changes that businesses have had to do, one such shift is the use of conference calls. Even before all of this occurred, video conferences were quite popular with 80% of executives saying these conferences are replacing audio conferences as the go-to method for internal communications.

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10 Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

Social media is a massive industry that isn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon. It continues to grow in popularity and it’s a place where many of us get our news and connect with people. As the numbers continue to grow, the more social media has

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7 Best Online Collaboration Tools To Use Today

Online collaboration has been growing in many different ways. From hiring remote workers to growing your in-house team. Collaboration tools are essential for proper management and workflow and overall keeping a team in-check and organized.

The big problem with online collaboration tools though is there are tonnes to choose from and each one provides solutions to problems. It can be difficult for any business to keep up with which one is the best to go for.

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6 Tips For Hosting Great Webinars

One of the many methods to grow your business and get customers is to host webinars. It’s a method that’s been tried and true for many years and it requires time and effort. Normally, webinars are hour long seminars where the host provides valuable information before pitching a product or service at the end.

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