Breathalyzer… how about Textalyzer?

Breathalyzer… how about Textalyzer?

Texting and driving are becoming big campaigns globally for awareness and definitely with reason. Someone people don’t even look when they are walking and crossing the street. There are apps that help in locking your phone when it detects movement over a certain speed and apps that can send automatic responses indicating your are unable to answer at the moment.

Law enforcement use breathalyzers to quickly test for the presence of alcohol and now a new technology is months away from being tested in New York… a textalyzer.



The technology is being developed by an Israel-based company called Cellebrite. According to public information, law enforcement officers will plug this into a person’s phone for up to a minute and it will do a quick scan of all texts, web surfing history, and emails to see if the device was used before a serious crash.


I see huge amounts of potential misuse, violations of privacy, and potential false positives with this very new and immature technology. They claim it will only provide access to phone usage and not personal material, but that information is still present and they go hand in hand.


Under the proposed NY bill, people who refuse could have their driving licenses suspended. Yikes!

Big brother is watching.

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Clean Tech: Solar Roof Savings Calculator

Clean Tech: Solar Roof Savings Calculator

Can Google Help You Make Money with Your Roof?

Have you ever thought about going solar? Do you just need a new roof?  Or maybe you’re old enough to remember all those 70’s oil crisis stories about selling energy back to the power companies …

Now you can see what’s possible with Google’s Project Sunroof.  The website adds up a quick estimate of how much a solar roof will cost you and how much money you’ll save on energy over the next 20 years.

It even tells how much you might profit by selling your surplus energy … assuming you don’t have the Christmas lights on all year round or run a fleet of supercomputers in your basement.

Just enter your U.S. address and click the orange “check my roof” button. The calculator instantly displays:

  • How many hours of powerful rays you get each year
  • The number of square feet available for solar panels based on 3D modeling of your roof
  • How much money you could save over 20 years based on energy costs and tax credits.

Fine-tune the results by submitting your average monthly electric bill total and picking a finance plan.

Project Sunroof also provides

  • An estimate for installation costs
  • An estimate of state and federal tax incentives
  • And a prediction of your Solar Renewable Energy Credits

(SRECs allow you to actually make money with your roof by selling surplus energy back to your utility company).

Finally, Google hooks you up with local providers so you can get started right away.


A Greener World

It’s an affordable time to go solar in many countries.  In the USA, thanks to the Solar Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC), 30% of the cost of your approved solar roof will be refunded by Uncle Sam.  The ITC went into effect with the Energy Policy Act of 2005.  An initial $2000 cap was removed when the policy was expanded later in 2008.  It was extended again in 2015 to stay in effect until December 31, 2021.

In 2016, the tax credit alone brought 2.4 billion dollars to business and residential solar energy users.  The trend is expected to grow. Between 2016 and 2020, the Government expects to pay out $12.3 billion, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation.  And the Solar Energy Industries Association predicts we’ll use three times as much energy from the sun – an increase from the current 27GW of usage to 100 GW by 2021.

Unfortunately, Canada doesn’t have a federal tax credit yet for solar energy. It should be modeled after the U.S. ITC above. Any current programs are at the provincial level and you can find out more details in this article.

How it works

Project Sunroof uses Google’s own mapping data, 3D modeling data, and shade calculations.

The project also brings in:

Try Tesla’s Calculator

Tesla’s sleek, textured, and traditional slate-style tiles are now available for order (Tuscan will be available in 2018).  The state-of-the-art, tempered glass units are top rated for hail and wind endurance to keep homes secure through seasonal storms. A Powerwall battery stores surplus energy and allows owners to choose when to use it.

Tesla’s calculator gives 30-year estimates.  Each roof is warrantied for “the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first.”  Enter your address, square footage, the number of floors, amount of solar coverage, and number of Powerwall batteries. Refine your results by submitting your home square footage and number of stories of your home.

You’ll immediately see:

  • The value of the energy you’ll get
  • Cost of the roof
  • Cost of the Powerwall battery
  • Estimated tax credit based on your location
  • The net you earn over 30 years.

A $1000 deposit gets you started. Orders are now available in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Jordan and the UAE.

California installations begin in June 2017.  They will be performed by Tesla’s Solar City Corporation.


Serious tech/geek/nerd DROOL video, a million views, and toilet paper. Check it out!

Serious tech/geek/nerd DROOL video, a million views, and toilet paper. Check it out!

The daily dog

Trying something a bit different with this post. Let me know what you think.
the daily dog

The Million View Club

This past week I finally got to join the million view club on YouTube. Yes that’s right, I have a video on YouTube with over 1,000,000 views! That means I finally get to learn the secret handshake, but first I need to find out where the secret meetings are held…

I put together this video 5 years ago and didn’t think much of it. Some people would say its kinda dumb, but hey!, you can’t argue with the numbers.

Here’s the pudding:

Wanna know more? I put together a little analysis of this when it started going mini “viral” last fall, check out this post.


TECHS / GEEKS / NERDS / H4X0RS – Check this out!

You’ll have to work really hard at keeping the drool in your mouth after watching this crazy tour of Deadmau5’s House! IT’S AWESOME!!!


Facial recognition FOR TOILET PAPER !!??!!#!!

Yes facial recognition is getting some traction. We are seeing it in certain airports around the world. But recently this year, China has introduced facial recognition technology to dispense toilet paper! Apparently there is a lot of theft of toilet paper from public washrooms, so now facial recognition software is being used to control how much is dispensed to each person. Don’t believe me? Google it…




7 Tech Trends to Watch in 2017

7 Tech Trends to Watch in 2017

As summer heats up, keep your eye on these hot tech trends. Some may even come in handy for your summer barbeque.

latest tech

1 – Get everything instantly

We already enjoy the luxury of streaming movies on demand   Waiting for the big broadcast networks to schedule everything will soon seem quaint – like listening to Victrolas and transistor radios.

We expect rocket-fast service now more than ever. Uber allows us to hail cabs instantly. Amazon Prime now delivers a growing number of items in 24 hours.  Need it faster?  Instacart provides 2-hour grocery delivery.  And about that barbeque …  Postmates is positioned to deliver your meat, ketchup, invitations, and grill from your local businesses in minutes.

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