How Tesla and SolarCity Made this Tropical Island Go Green


The island of Ta’u has gone green. And it’s not just because of the tropical foliage. Ta’u now boasts its own microgrid, thanks to technology from Tesla and SolarCity. The massive million-dollar project allows the island to run almost completely on solar power. Ta’u is one of

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“Just Walk Out” With Amazon Go

shopping cart

Imagine just walking into a store, looking at your cell phone, and putting everything you want in your own bag or cart. Then imagine walking out of the store. There are no lines and no cashiers. You don’t linger idly by a barrage of Enquirer magazines or

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Save Time with Facebook’s New Inbox for Business – Instagram and Chats in One Place


Life is getting easier for social media managers. Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram are all coming together. Facebook Business users will be able to read and respond to messages from all three platforms. And it’s all happening in their new Page Manager inbox. Facebook and Instagram have been

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Google Translations Just Got Better with Artificial Intelligence


Leaping Forward with Neural Nets Ten years after introducing Translate, Google has made a major improvement. App users can now enjoy greater accuracy with several major foreign languages. They announced the good news mid-November: Google is now using Neural Machine Translation. A recent study testing the new

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Google Wifi coming soon to a home near you


Picture this … your friends are all at your place, and you’re streaming the Superbowl through your big screen projector. The Redskins are 4th down on the 12-yard line and the game starts buffering. Or maybe you took an important business call at your home office and

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Many cutting cable and going online for video streaming

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