New High-Tech Credit Card Scam Alert – Shimmers

credit card

Thieves have come up with yet another way to scam our credit cards. Law enforcement are finding slim plastic cards with electronics inside POS (point of sale) terminals. We were concerned before by skimmers where waiters could quickly scan your credit card into a pager sized device

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Now You Can Hail a Self-Driving Uber


Beginning last September, Uber introduced self-driving vehicles to the City of Steel. The company’s Advanced Technology Center in Pittsburgh has been working to make the city into one of America’s smartest … while creating safer transportation through automation. Uber’s car of choice is the Ford Fusion. These

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5 YouTube Trends Making This 5-Year-Old A Star


A 5-year-old boy is a rising star on YouTube with over 550 million views of his most popular video. He and his family are making about $1 million a month from advertising alone. At last count, he had 6,038,116 subscribers and over 10 billion lifetime views. The

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Tech review 2016 and tech trends for 2017

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How Tesla and SolarCity Made this Tropical Island Go Green


The island of Ta’u has gone green. And it’s not just because of the tropical foliage. Ta’u now boasts its own microgrid, thanks to technology from Tesla and SolarCity. The massive million-dollar project allows the island to run almost completely on solar power. Ta’u is one of

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“Just Walk Out” With Amazon Go

shopping cart

Imagine just walking into a store, looking at your cell phone, and putting everything you want in your own bag or cart. Then imagine walking out of the store. There are no lines and no cashiers. You don’t linger idly by a barrage of Enquirer magazines or

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