Don’t Fall for a QR Code Scam

Cybercriminals have access to all kinds of tools to scam people. In many cases, their attacks are through emails or social engineering. However, some cybercriminals are taking advantage of the rise of QR codes. Today, QR codes are just about everywhere. These square barcodes can be found on real estate listings, TV ads, social media …

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Best Free and Paid Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Cameras on phones have come a long way from where they once were. What started as cheap discount cameras, the latest models of Android, Google, and iPhone cameras pack enough power that’s comparable to DSLR cameras. It makes sense that people want to be taking more pictures with these cameras. However, a lot of those …

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Artificial Intelligence is a Double-edged Sword

Artificial intelligence – or AI for short – is a powerful technology. It’s been used to develop programs and systems that have been able to exhibit traits that are akin to human behaviour. Characteristics such as the ability to adapt to changing environments or respond intelligently to situations. No doubt, AI technologies have helped with …

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