Smartphones to watch out for this year


Each year brings something new to look forward to. For tech lovers, release dates of the latest crop of smartphones are definitely one of them. With smartphones, there’s always cutting-edge hardware, revolutionary features, and other new improvements waiting to be unleashed on the hordes of tech-thirsty gadget

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Man’s journey to Mars


Since ancient times, humans have been interested in exploring the heavens. Even centuries ago, the Chinese used to blast rockets into space for ceremonial purposes. And as we all know, during the late 20th century we finally created rockets powerful enough to overcome gravity, eventually getting us

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Why Apple made antivirus iOS apps unavailable


In March 2015, Apple cracked down on antivirus apps, pulling a huge number of them from the App Store. Many believe the reason behind this move is to eliminate concerns about whether or not iOS devices are susceptible to virus and malware attacks. One of the apps

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Google-owned Boston Dynamic’s Robo-Dog is Amazing!


Have you ever watched one of those “smartphone drop test” videos on YouTube? Robots that move around are essentially like these smartphones, too – impact caused by a fall can cause major damage to their components or motors. That’s why developers are creating measures to ensure robots

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MIT UAV drone achieves autonomous flight


Drones have entered a new level of advancement. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has successfully developed a system that lets drones detect obstacles in their flight path and therefore avoid them. In test flights, this has allowed the drone to

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What to do with all your holiday gift cards and avoid being scammed

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