What to do with all of your holiday gift cards and avoid being scammed

gift cards

Gifts cards are now very popular gift choices and have become a new form of currency. There are estimates of $130 billion worth of gift cards in 2015 (North America) of which easily $1 billion or more sit around and collect dust. APPS AND WEBSITES

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What is the dark web (aka deep web, deepnet, hidden web, invisible web, undernet)?


Many of you have likely heard the terms dark web, deep web, deepnet, hidden web, invisible web, or undernet in some of your discussions, books, or even movies. This is another layer of World Wide Web (WWW) content that exists on these darknets which is overlayed using

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Best of 2015 Videos – Amazing!


Every year I look forward to the recap videos that get put out by YouTube Rewind and always love the GoPro featured compilations. Last year’s videos certainly did not disappoint, enjoy watching both!

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X PlusOne: A super fast drone (up to 100 kph / 62mph!)


X PlusOne is a new type of drone created by xCraft and was successfully funded on Kickstarter this year, with 263 backers pledging over $143,000 to help it take flight.

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The invisibility cloak is in our future


We’ve all fantasized about being able to turn invisible. And maybe having an invisible cloak à la Harry Potter. Well, it looks like some people are actually trying to turn that fantasy into reality. Though we are still decades away from being able to hang up an

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Small land-based robots to be used for deliveries


Most of us have heard about Amazon’s plans to use aerial drones to make deliveries. Starship Technologies, a company built by two of Skype’s cofounders believes that concept isn’t really practical – they believe using self-driving earthbound drones is a safer, cheaper, and way better solution. Their

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