The Evolution of Portable Computing


There was a time when we wanted everything to be smaller. We seem to be going in the other direction lately of wanting bigger. I am seeing a convergence of technologies occurring. It all comes down to convenience. Desktop computing is converging with portability. Desktops evolved to

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Technology Recap for Back to the Future


October 21, 2015 is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to in Back to the Future II (1989). Interestingly the movie predicted some tech that does exist today such as hands-free games (e.g. Kinect), flatscreen TVs, and biometric scanners. However we fell short of

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Tips to stay connected safe while travelling

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Makerarm – a super versatile 3D device that can make almost anything


Imagine a single device that can 3D print, carve, etch, mill, solder, plot, assemble, laser cut, and even ice a cake! A new device called Makerarm can do all that and more, anywhere on your workspace. Though still currently a Kickstarter campaign and not an actual product

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Astronauts eat first ever space salad


It was, quite literally, a bite that was out of this world. And it tasted “awesome”, according to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. The very first outer space lettuce was grown in a small, microwave-sized box for more than a year, and exposed to LED

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Meet Lily: An aerial drone that can follow you around


Those small flying robots from that 80’s flick “Batteries Not Included” have arrived. Toss this device into the air (or the water!) and it will automatically whir to life, activating its four rotors while looking back at you with illuminated smiling eyes, eagerly anticipating the crazy stuff

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