Clean Tech: Solar Roof Savings Calculator

Can Google Help You Make Money with Your Roof? Have you ever thought about going solar? Do you just need a new roof?  Or maybe you’re old enough to remember all those 70’s oil crisis stories about selling energy back to the power companies … Now you can see what’s possible with Google’s Project Sunroof. …

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7 Tech Trends to Watch in 2017


As summer heats up, keep your eye on these hot tech trends. Some may even come in handy for your summer barbeque.

latest tech

1 – Get everything instantly

We already enjoy the luxury of streaming movies on demand   Waiting for the big broadcast networks to schedule everything will soon seem quaint – like listening to Victrolas and transistor radios.

We expect rocket-fast service now more than ever. Uber allows us to hail cabs instantly. Amazon Prime now delivers a growing number of items in 24 hours.  Need it faster?  Instacart provides 2-hour grocery delivery.  And about that barbeque …  Postmates is positioned to deliver your meat, ketchup, invitations, and grill from your local businesses in minutes.

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 Baxter, The Blushing Robot


Have you ever seen a robot blush?  Baxter, the chunky red robot with a face, can do that … when he makes a mistake.  But that’s OK – he’s learning.  He’s at school.  His teachers and trainers are a combined group from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Boston University.

baxter robot

Baxter is the product of Rethink Robotics.  The company advertises “smart, collaborative robots” for use in manufacturing and industry.  This two-armed model was preceded by Sawyer, a one-armed version with strong sensing capabilities allowing it to work safely next to humans in collaborative settings.

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