The Latest in Android Wearables


Since its launch last year, Google has been steadily rolling out updates for its wearable platform, Android Wear. The public’s attention might have shifted a little to the competition (did someone say Apple Watch?), but Google has recently announced a bunch of upgrades that will kick the

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Ridiculously Expensive Apps


Have you ever browsed Apple’s AppStore and laughed at one of those apps priced $10 or more? Take a look at these apps which make that $10 price tag look like an absolute bargain. While certain apps such as professional tools and textbooks are expensive for good

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The Internet of Things


If you’re a complete newbie to the world of technology, you might find yourself scratching your head when you hear about “The Internet of Things.” In this post, I’ll shed a little light on this modern phenomenon that’s all about increasing interconnectivity in virtually all aspects of

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Three iPhone 6 Tricks


The release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus marks Apple’s first foray into larger smartphone screen territory. Apple’s decision to add more screen real estate is seen as a move to thwart the efforts of rival smartphone makers such as Samsung or HTC, who

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