Depth-sensing cameras using Intel RealSense technology


Intel is has been rolling out a new technology called RealSense. They are taking perceptual computing to the next level by interpreting sensory inputs and movement for different applications. They achieve this using their 3D depth-sensing cameras in RealSense enabled devices. This exciting new technology has been

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Fingerprint theft: Should we be concerned?


Before touch identification-based security was introduced, most of our smartphones required only a passcode or a pattern to unlock. Now, after Apple introduced its Touch ID system, it seems more and more smartphone companies are integrating fingerprint-scanning technology to their models.

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3D printing makes its way to the culinary world


Companies are finding more and more ways to harness the power of 3D printing technology. At CES 2015, XYZPrinting, the company who also made the Da Vinci AiO 3D printer, introduced a 3D printer that makes use of flour and chocolate as “ink,” which you can then

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Glowing earphones that beat along with your music and heartbeat

glow headphones

Other than comfort, sound quality, aesthetic value, and a few nifty features here and there, it’s safe to say headphone technology hasn’t seen many changes during the past few decades. So when Glow, LLC, a San Francisco-based tech company, launched a Kickstarter page for their unique set

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Beware of frauds on your friends lists


Billions of people are on social media these days. For those with bad intentions, that’s a worldwide pool of potential prey for them to victimize. We’ve all come across a “fake” account at one point in our lives. Though most of these are created by people who

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PayPal’s giant contribution to CyberSecurity


Six years ago, in an effort to protect their customers, PayPal came up with a brilliant idea that turned out to be an effective solution against fraudulent email senders and domain spoofers. The company enlisted the help of industry behemoths like Google, Apple, eBay, Microsoft, Yahoo, and

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