Security expert says 500 million android phones are infected due to flashlight apps


Alarming information has been brought forward this month that the top 10 flashlight apps on Google Play store are malware. Gary Miliefsky, CEO of Snoopwall, estimates over half a billion Android devices globally are unknowingly infected and sending personal information to China, India, and Russia. Gary goes

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Protect your WiFi home network today


Let’s face it, having wireless Internet in our home has become a necessity. As with just about everything in our digital age, the convenience does come with security and privacy risks. Here’s a roundup of common security pitfalls and the initial steps you can take today to

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The quadcopter drone is now going to be wearable


You’ve probably heard of drones, and these days you may have heard of them in a negative light. Drones are essentially any automatic mechanical device that can be remote controlled without being manned. Quadcopter drones, in particular, have really taken off (pardon the pun) in recent years.

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How much would you pay for an old computer?


It is believed that less than 50 of the original Apple-1‘s are still in existence and today one of those computers just sold for $905,000. This Apple-1 was put together by Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder) in Steve Job’s family garage in the summer of 1976. This antique

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We no longer use the phone in our smartphones


Ahh, smart phones: the modern human’s weapon of choice in braving today’s hyper-connected digital world. Have you ever wondered why they’re still called phones nowadays? More than anything, the functionality of our so-called smart phones has transcended their original purpose. They’re now devices jam-packed with applications that

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The latest iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2

In typical fashion, Apple just released something a bit disappointing and something exciting at the same time: the iPad Mini 3 and the iPad Air 2 respectively.

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