Skeuomorphism is the new buzzword for Apple’s iOS7

Apple iOS7 Skeuomorphism

  Differences Between iOS6 and iOS7 Apple has recently given the world a sneak peek into the new iOS7 software that will be used to power the forthcoming new versions of both iPads and iPhones slated to appear on the market later this year. This latest update

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How To Test Your AA Alkaline Batteries by Dropping Them

AA Alkaline Battery

Recently I was at a friend’s place who heard about this quick method to test your AA alkaline batteries. I found it hard to believe when he described it. However seeing is believing and this does work! Upon returning back home I searched online and realized other

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How To Photograph Milky Looking Waterfalls and Rivers

Glacial_Creek Milky Water

  Many people like to see the milky look of flowing water. It helps represent motion. In order to capture the motion of water, you need to play with your shutter speed. Specifically you need to slow it down, usually in the range of 1 to 2

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Comparing Laptop Tracking Software – You’ll wish you had it if your laptop is lost or stolen

Laptop Theft

Like backups, this is one of those insurance-type precautions you may have never thought of but should consider installing if you own a laptop. Here is a basic comparison of some options currently available (sorted alphabetically).

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Google Glass – a wearable computer with very neat possibilities yet potential serious privacy concerns

In April of 2012 Google announced an interesting project called Google Glass (or Project Glass). This became available to testers and developers in early 2013 for about $1500.

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How To Photograph the Moon and Why I Do It

  On a clear (cloudless) night, you can get some excellent shots of the moon. Having some form of zoom lens definitely helps. Generally it will look better with something 300mm or better. However not everyone has a lens like that hanging around. Everyone has different “recipes”

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