Third World Portable USB OS – Keepod


A new UK-based company is attempting to bridge the digital gap in Third World countries with the new Portable USB OS Drive called Keepod. The inspiration behind this noble enterprise came from a small 500,000 resident community in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. There is no safe

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Artwork Creations Made With Paintball Guns

Waterloo Labs has recently come out with the Paintball Picasso. As they sum it up… Paintball Markers + Servos + Webcam + 3D Printing + Laser Cutting + NI myRIO + LabVIEW = AWESOME. The system consists of three robotic paintball guns controlled by servos. They fire more than

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Crazy Fast Fiber Optic Speeds

BT has squeezed even more out of fiber optics by clocking speeds of 1.4 terabits-per-second in a recent speed test for broadband Internet connections. This has the ability to transfer 44 uncompressed HD netflix movies in one second. Wouldn’t you love to have that running directly into

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3D Selfies

These days you see so many people taking selfie pictures. Wouldn’t it be interesting to send someone a different type of “picture” of yourself? You now have the capability of doing just that with this mixture of new technologies.

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New DP Blog App

DP Icon

I just published a new personal app which basically accesses my latest blog articles on this site along with quick links to my social media accounts. In my opinion, the best part of the app is if you allow it to send you push notifications, it will

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Top 10 Facebook Fan Pages (as of February 2, 2014)


Here are updated stats for the top 10 Facebook fan pages as of February 2, 2014.

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